Why and How of Upgrading to SAP Solution Manager 7.2?

The SAP ERP environment enables enterprises to successfully run diverse functionalities, but it is SAP Solution Manager that keeps you going amidst the continuously changing tech trends and market scenarios. SAP Solution Manager supports adaptability, agility, and scalability, which further help enterprises maintain the pace of improvements and innovation. However, all this will come to a grinding halt soon if you don’t upgrade your SAP Solution Manager. The ongoing license agreement ends on 31 December 2019. Therefore, SAP customers must upgrade this application lifecycle management platform to continue an interrupted connection with SAP’s support backbone and mainstream maintenance.

Sai Rolla, SAP Solution Expert, will give a brief overview of the changes in the latest update. He will also share valuable insights on how business can ensure a successful and seamless upgrade. Sai will discuss why it is mandatory to upgrade the SAP support backbone and the impact of not upgrading on your SAP landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of what’s new in this update
  • Critical steps to prepare for and execute a cost-effective way to upgrade
  • Security, risk, and compliance implications of delaying an upgrade