Disruptive technology forces compel educational services providers worldwide to rethink their education delivery models. Amidst the constantly increasing demand for self-paced, omnichannel learning, educators are yearning to build a Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) to successfully implement a blended learning approach aided by advanced digital learning tools and enable a technology-based approach to instruction, engagement, and interaction. At Kellton, we help derive bespoke eLearning and educational software solutions by curating digital tools and collaborating with industry experts to create a campus of the future to generate endless learning opportunities.

What's more, together with our expertise in design and large database migrations, we help non-profits and Government institutions benefit from best-in-class software solutions that are indispensable for the greater good of global communities.


Disrupting Non Profit, Education and Government Sectors

Analytics & Dashboarding

We help education services providers to unify the various data sources and have a collective view of the data through a single dashboard. We further use technologies such as analytics that leverage advanced statistical tools and unravel the power of ML (Machine Learning) to turn institute-wide data into the most valuable assets. We develop education analytics solutions to achieve business intelligence that works as a key force to driving actionable insights and tangible outcomes from data.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

We help education businesses realize the dream to go completely digital with the learning management systems developed by our experts. From educational content, administration, software management to documentation, course design, tracking, and managing training and development programs, we help build a fully integrated learning management system — using platforms such as Moodle — that is tailored and enables educational services providers to achieve desired goals.

Student Information & Management System

Managing and structuring the student database becomes seamless with the student information and management system designed by our experts. Our experts support the seamless integration of learning management systems with SIS (Student Information System) in real-time. They further help put technologies at the forefront of organizing, managing, and retrieving all sorts of the student data — right from enrollment, onboarding, behavior, attendance, performance, and more — through a centralized platform.

eLearning Software Solution

We help build robust web-based electronic technologies that are designed in line with standards and specifications set under AICC (AGR-010), SCORM, and CMI5. We further pull in xAPI capabilities to allow free-flow of communication between learning management systems and the disparate institute-wide educational content and other related assets. We help education providers build interoperable educational platforms, which offer end-to-end eLearning solutions that suffice the needs towards building a strategic education roadmap.

On-Demand Learning Apps

Our experts help educational institutions design on-demand learning apps that allow them to reach and connect with every individual student in a more personalized manner. The eLearning apps designed by our experts, perfectly converge content, experts, instructors, as well as, students on one single platform and also enables educators to offer customized educational solutions. We help engineer apps that allow educational services providers to make learning more accessible for students in a more differentiated manner.

Cloud Services

We allow educators to leverage our carefully engineered cloud services for education to build the campus of the future. Right from education data capturing, storing, managing, and to delivery, educators can rely on our cloud services to reach and deliver educational content to the students’ smart devices, as and when they demand. Our cloud educational solutions enable educational services providers to save costs, improve accessibility, and also scale up/down infrastructure as per the demand.

Virtual Classroom Software

We use disruptive technologies to develop virtual educational solutions that help deliver learning materials and other academic operations on the students’ fingertips. The virtual classroom software designed by us allows educational institutions to seamlessly organize online classes and deliver course lectures anywhere, any time, and on any compatible smart devices. The software allows educational businesses to keep up with the constantly proliferating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture and increasing demand for omnichannel learning experiences.

Online Proctoring Solutions

Our AI-based online proctoring solutions enable education businesses to keep the trust and integrity of all high- and low-stake examinations intact. We infuse AI capabilities to monitor suspicious activities and examinees’ behavior while they take exams remotely and at their convenience, in some cases. We further make efficient use of the RPNow platform that enables educators to disrupt the conventional style of scheduling and holding examinations by integrating them with a cloud-based model.

Web-Based Training Software Development

We enable educational institutions to leverage the digital mediums for training students. With our web-based training software development services, educators can seamlessly distribute the disparate digital content online and also facilitate flawless communication, the interaction between learners and instructors. We integrate discussion forums and infuse real-time interaction capabilities and also help build a robust and secure educational architecture that seamlessly delivers synchronous as well as asynchronous learning to the students.

Student Onboarding Software

With our student onboarding software, educational institutions can save costs and time to a great extent. We help education businesses structure and streamline the complete student onboarding process through identity management systems, automation, and the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) that improves onboarding administration, enrollment behavior monitoring, and also provided individualized experiences to students.

Interactive Learning & Gamification Services

We have experts and professionals who help educators develop visually appealing educational content that successfully drives students’ interest. With our interactive learning ad gamification services, we enhance their capabilities to deliver a more engaging, interactive, and personalized learning experiences to students. We leverage EdTech to revamp the traditional models of education by adding game elements to them.

Integrated Library System

We help educational institutions build robust library management systems that automate the workflow in a library and facilitate complete resource optimization. We eliminate the fragmented environment and centralize the complete process to augment the visibility and traceability of books. With an advanced integrated library management system, educators can seamlessly manage the disparate library tasks and functions, right from procurement, cataloging to distribution.


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