An IoT-Enabled Digital Oilfield Analytics Platform
An IoT-Enabled Digital Oilfield Analytics Platform
An IoT-Enabled Digital Oilfield Analytics Platform


As oil and gas companies connect and transform in revolutionary ways, a tsunami of data is being generated every passing hour. Making sense of this rapid influx of data offers limitless opportunities for better business monitoring and forecasting, but, at the same time, requires enterprises to turn the page on traditional strategies and reimagine the use of technology.

Kellton Optima is a digital enterprise platform that collects and aggregates troves of data from various sources and generates rapid insights for effective management and monitoring of operation and resources. The platform leverages new-age technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Mobility to help enterprises deliver data intelligence everywhere and spot moments of opportunities—and risks—for sustained business efficiency.

Unleash the Power of Your Data for Measurable Growth

We have spent hundreds of hours in research and innovation to create the most intuitive, personalized, and relevant data visualization platform that can help the oil and gas sector grow in tandem with today’s fast-paced economy. Optima brings premier capabilities to support:

optima growth

Seamless Integration and Interoperability

optima growth

Transparency, Accountability, and Auditability

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Efficient and Timely Reporting

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Workflow Automation

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Dashboards and Fast-Streaming Analytics

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Consistency and Standardization

Product Specifications for Oil and Gas Transformation
Enterprise Mobility
Monitor and take action using lightweight, intuitive, and highly configurable web and mobile applications meant to run seamlessly on any device.
Data Capture
Integrate relevant data sources in real-time and consolidate information to enable visibility and the free flow of data across the enterprise.
Process and Workflow
Automate mundane rules-based business processes and workflows to accelerate timelines and free workers from tedious tasks to focus on high-value work.
Field Activity Scheduling
Manage planning, drilling, and production activities in real-time to ensure improved outcomes, asset uptime, and proper risk and cost control.
Real-Time Diagnostics
Unearth rapid insights to gain a heightened understanding of core business processes and spot opportunities that offers sustainable, long-lasting value.

Integrated Insights for End-to-End Well Lifecycle Management

Optima allows lightning-fast integration and ad-hoc analysis on field-related production, technical, and expense data for faster, more decisive action.

optima lifecycle

Drilling and Completions

Analyze drilling operations in real-time and explore rig-state KPIs to measure performance. Leverage data to better manage completions.

optima lifecycle

Production and Operations

Move from reactive to predictive operations to avoid unplanned downtime, drive measurable outcomes, and achieve production targets.

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Facilities and Maintenance

Monitor the assembling portfolios of equipment and track service performance to reflect on the new needs of business.

Refine Processes Across Oil and Gas Value Chains

Optima’s architecture is process-centric that simplifies data management and helps enterprises deliver scalability and predictability of operations with prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics.

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Key Operating Resources

optima module

Well Production Operations Data Management

Gain an integrated view of the field production supply chains and tap into data that turns actionable for your business.

optima module

Dashboards for Decision-Makers

Depict patterns, adapt faster, and optimize at pace for maximized efficiency and superior risk response

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Quality and HSE

Apply intelligent automation to govern performance, achieve compliance, and reinforce trust and safety.

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Resource Tracking and Map View

Track resources, capacity, and outcomes beyond geography using a live map and collaborate dynamically for faster decision-making.

Other Features and Functionalities

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Real-Time Monitoring

optima feature

Workover Schedule

optima feature

Artificial Life Troubleshooting Schedule

optima feature

Project and People Management

optima feature

Equipment Analysis

optima feature

Alarms, Alerts, and Notifications

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Roles and Permissions-Based Access Control

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Optima Value Proposition

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Personalize experiences by enabling easy configurations in Optima. Scale on demand for differentiated outcomes while driving down business costs.

Scalable and Insight-Driven

Leverage big data for oil and gas to make future-ready decisions and deliver value across the business ecosystem for agile, resilient operations.

optima values
optima values

Collaborate beyond industry, organizational, and geographic boundaries to solve business problems faster and unlock new models to synchronize innovation.

Cloud and On-Premise

Integrate applications between your on-premise and cloud landscapes to facilitate seamless experiences even in high workload environments.

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optima values center

Optima Platform Overview

An evolutionary architecture to help enterprises spend more time on analysis, diagnosis, and optimization.

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The Kellton Advantage

Kellton brings world-class technology and proven skills to help oil and gas enterprises simplify their operations across upstream, midstream, and downstream production environments and deliver greater value through new, digital-first models.

Professional Expertise

  • 100+ Years of combined experience
  • 50+ Clients served globally
  • A leading team of experts working at the bleeding edge of digital disruption and sharpening O&G innovation

Cutting-Edge Digital

  • Dedicated IoT Core Network
  • Specialized Oil  Gas Analytics Accelerators
  • Cutting-edge  delivery  capabilities to suit distinct business needs Continuous Integration and Deployment  Suiteinnovation

Collaboration Benefits

  • Flexible engagement models
  • Value from Day One
  • Shortest implementation time
  • Cost savings up to 30%
  • Available demo on demand
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