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Optima is a digital enterprise solution for effective management and monitoring of operations and resources. It leverages cutting-edge technologies—IoT, Blockchain, Mobility, Edge Computing, and Machine Learning—and utilizes real-time data for domain-driven decision-making. A single unified integrated platform built on a microservices architecture that is configurable, customizable, and scalable. This solution can be deployed on Cloud or on-premise enabling seamless integration and automation of workflow and processes.

Our vision through this solution is to help clients gain operational and process efficiency in order to maximize productivity and achieve significant cost savings. Optima allows transparent and accountable workflows with actionable data-driven insights via dashboards and analytics for a broad range of audiences.

Optima Ecosystem

Optima Edge

A modular IoT gateway that enables real-time data acquisition, transmission, and control.

Envision is the remote communication modular IoT device that provides fully configurable and secure access to real-time data from remote assets via Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular, or Satellite connections to the proprietary digital platform deployed on the cloud or private network. This edge device can also be configured and connected to any third-party platform.

Optima Platform: Software

A data-to-decision (D2D) technology platform that enables faster and informed decision-making.

Optima effectively manages periodic and high-frequency data along with remote control and voice-enabled gateways. The built-in automated workflows, reporting, and dashboards allow the management and operations team to have a complete holistic insight into the operations, identification of critical events with the root cause, and recommendations on remedial actions.

Value Proposition



  • Access to all data anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Automation of workflows & processes
  • Real-time well monitoring via IoT
  • Performance Monitoring


  • Optimization of assets and operations
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Actionable data-driven analytics
  • Identification of critical information


  • Proactive and Preventive action
  • Data to Decision technologies (D2D)
  • Big Data domain-driven analytics


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Pattern Recognition

Optima Architecture

optima architecture

In-Built Modules In Software Platform

Integrated Visualization

Empower your data & document management system by connecting workflows, teams, and high-frequency data through data analytics rule engine, storing data at databases, easy import/export, and document archival system.

scalable and insight driven
SCADA real-time Data

Real-time monitoring by capturing data from a wide range through wireless connectivity with different types of equipment like ESP systems, hydraulic pump systems, rod pump PCP, HPS systems, Digital Analog sensors.

Intelligent alarming

Quench your need to rapidly recognize critical events and take action to remedy any problems that arise through Optima that enables Intelligent alarms, SCADA alarms, notifications via Emails & SMS.

cloud and on premise
Well operation Lifecycle

Actively communicate the status of key milestones across the organization and tracks the progress of projects including well & equipment data, well tests & production levels, workover /troubleshooting lift operations management.

Production optimization

Measure, analyze, prioritize, and implement actions to enhance productivity by meaningful well analysis, artificial lift analysis, real-time virtual flow rate, event identifications & actions and domain analysis.

scalable and insight driven
Asset Management

Track your inventory and valuable equipment assets with Optima that includes various modules like quality tracking, HSE system, inventory management and equipment tracking.

Enterprise wide
Resource Management

Optimize the management of your human resources by monitoring and managing the assets along with optimization of the route with resource management functionality to manage multiple drivers.

cloud and on premise
Contract Management

The easy-to-use workflow processes to conveniently, quickly, and efficiently manage contacts and vendors through modules like Contact KPIs, vendor management, PO to delivery, and invoicing management.


Satisfaction rate


Accurate predictions using AI/ML


Countries served globally

Benefits Highlights

Enterprise mobilityOperational efficiency

Improves operational efficiency and workplace productivity via automated & seamless workflows and reduced repetitive processes.

Data integrationEnd-to-end visibility

Upskilling workforce to analytical mindset with effective data visualization via Dashboards enabling total visibility into the operations.

Role-based securityHigher savings & profits

Maximum production & reduced deferred production and reduced downtime enabling higher cost savings & profits.

Workflow automationIncreased life expectancy

Extends life of expensive oilfield assets with real-time insights, timely reporting, proactive alarms, and notifications.

Production transparencyWell informed decisions

Empowers management to plan & make business decisions based on real-time data insights and analytics.

Real-time diagnosticsCollaborated communication

Cross department collaboration & proper flow communication leading to faster & informed quality decisions.

Optima Use Cases

Use Cases
  • Upstream Production Operations Management
  • Artificial Lift Lifecycle Management
  • Real-time Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Asset, People & Fleet Tracking
  • Production Monitoring & Optimization

Optima platform overview

Optima’s architecture is process-centric and simplifies data management to help enterprises deliver scalability and predictability of operations with prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics. This single unified integrated platform is built on a microservices architecture and is built from the ground-up with big data analytics in mind.

Optima facilitates dashboards for all levels of management enabling complete visibility, and access to real-time data anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Watch the video to learn more about how it works.

Optima Edge — A modular IoT gateway

Optima Edge aka Envision is the remote communication modular IoT device that enables real-time data acquisition, transmission, and control from remote assets via Ethernet, Wifi, Cellular, or Satellite connections to the proprietary Optima platform deployed on the cloud or private network. This edge device can also be configured and connected to any third-party platform.

Real-time data acquisition

Real-time data acquisition, transmission, and control

Real-time data processing

Real-time data processing and edge computation

Remote monitoring and management

Remote monitoring and management of devices and assets

Alert Messaging

Alert Messaging and Event Detection

Inventory Management and Well Production

Inventory Management and Well Production Management

Onsite and Remote Configuration

Onsite and Remote Configuration & Commissioning of the IoT Devices



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