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The demand for forward-looking, tech-savvy business solutions has intensified to address the ongoing industry challenges and disruptions. Some of the most cutting-edge technologies offer remarkably straightforward solutions to today's business dilemmas. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, gamification, and analytics are all formidable tools in this regard. When harnessed effectively, they have the potential to transform businesses by providing innovative solutions.

At Kellton, we harness the power of these technologies to develop solutions for contemporary business challenges. Our expertise lies in enabling streamlined workflows, automating processes, and facilitating real-time decision-making.

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional user experiences through scalable and adaptable solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to conduct business more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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Digital Checklist Tool


An end-to-end digital solution for retail businesses, automating audits and compliance processes. Enhance productivity, ensure real-time visibility, and unlock valuable insights for future growth.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions


Tailored e-commerce solutions for standout online experiences to drive efficiency and sustainable growth, offering prototyping, piloting, and dynamic pricing engines.

Digital Oilfield Solution


Revolutionizing oil and gas operations with enhanced transparency, real-time reporting, and scalability. Deploy on the cloud or on-premise, integrating IoT, Blockchain, and AI for data-driven energy decisions.

Fitness Digital Solution Providers


Embrace the digital fitness revolution with Kellton4Health Connected Fitness Solution. Our smart fitness ecosystem offers personalized experiences that go beyond tradition.

Advanced Analytics Solution


IoT connects devices, like wearables, to gather data for personalized experiences. KLGAME™ utilizes Bluetooth beacons to collect movement data, enhancing insights and driving revenue and loyalty through personalized messaging.

Custom NFT Marketplace Solution


A scalable platform for individuals and businesses to monetize digital content through NFT creation and sales. Enabling creators to tokenize and sell digital content on secure blockchain marketplaces.

AI Powered advanced HRMS solution


Enhance employee experience with tHRive's automated HCM features. Free up HR teams from manual tasks to focus on optimizing the work environment.

Stay at the forefront of disruptive innovation with our flexible and scalable business-driven solutions.

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What our clients say

“Digital transformation is crucial to our core growth strategy. With Kellton expertise, we have been able to make a cut and are achieving outstanding results. Kellton has assisted us in the design and development of a high-end mobility solution, all integral to inspiring efficiency, bolstering experiences, and building strong one-on-one relationships. Their ability to leverage the real value out of new and existing technologies has helped us define the optimal configuration for our solution.

Nathan Kimpel - Senior Vice President of Technology at Engel&Volkers - Real Estate Giant in the US

Nathan Kimpel

Senior Vice President, Technology

"Kellton has done an excellent job in capturing our vision for the Pristine Connect Cloud platform. The online demo is very impressive. I know at times we (Pristine) discuss information that is somewhat confusing however the Kellton team does an excellent job of processing such information and making it work."

Larry Foster - General Manager Digital at Pristine Surgical - A Kellton Customer based in the US

Larry Foster

General Manager Digital, Pristine Surgical

"It has been a pleasure working with Kellton. We utilized their Drupal skills and expertise to migrate a large number of Penton’s web properties to a central Drupal Platform. The execution of the entire project was seamless and as per the timelines. I would like to commend Mahesh and the entire team of Kellton for making this possible. Throughout our two-year-long relationship, I could maintain the same level of trust, confidence and communication with Kellton’s team that I did with my in-house team.

Nino Tasca - VP - Internet Technology at Penton Media - A Kellton Customer

Nino Tasca

VP - Internet Technology, Penton Media

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