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If the internet has brought people closer to each other, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought people closer to everyday objects. IoT allows devices to connect, talk, and share information among themselves, from fridges and car stereos to watches to toothbrushes. While smart homes, wearable tech, and connected cars are still a niche, IoT has exploded in high-footfall industries such as airports, retail outlets, museums, conferences, and hospitality destinations. At Kellton, we have created a unique solution to help you accelerate your IoT endeavors.

KLGAME™ (Kellton Location-based Gamification, Analytics, and Rich Messaging Engine) is a unique IoT solution by Kellton leveraging the power of Bluetooth Low Energy beacon technology for locating users’ movements and behavior. We can help you deliver rich user experiences in several innovative ways across various industries. Together, using big data analytics, we can help you better understand your users’ behaviors, movements, and demographics so that you can take relevant actions and enhance experiences.

KLGAME™ - Connecting your brand to your customers

Flexible, Adaptable & Scalable
Flexible, adaptable & scalable

Take a flexible and adaptable approach to create various industry-specific solutions with minimal customization. Be it for Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment or Healthcare

Insight-driven relevant actions
Insight-driven relevant actions

Understand user location/behavior and take relevant actions through reports, minute-to-minute monitoring about user activity and demographics using the potential of Analytics and Big Data.

Seamless integrations
Seamless integrations

Leverage a configurable structure that can be customized to your business needs. Enable rich notifications (text, audio, and video) to your customers’ smartphones or wearable devices.

Personalized customer experience
Personalized customer experience

A next-gen solution that delivers a rich, personalized customer experience. This unprecedented level of customer engagement enhances customer experiences and helps your brand build a new trajectory of growth.


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KLGAME - Minimal Customization for Maximum Personalization

A flexible and scalable solution that has four major components - Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Social. With minimal customization, our experts have integrated KLGAME™ to create multiple, highly personalized solutions for industries like Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Advertisement, automobile, and Healthcare.

Automated check-ins

Automated check-ins at hotels, airports, or conferences.

Wayfinding and crowd management

Wayfinding and crowd management in airports, museums, or retail stores.


Customer-locating when restaurant tables are ready or airport flights are boarding.

Location-based advertising

Location-based advertising, promotions, and offers.

Staff monitoring

Staff monitoring for security protocols and quality of service enhancement.

Reporting of safety checks

Reporting of safety checks, failures and fuel levels in automobiles.

Automated attendance

Automated attendance counting for concerts, conferences and stadium events.

Dynamic and interactive guides

Dynamic and interactive guides for museum tours and experiences.

Goods locator and promotion

Goods locator and promotion pushes within supermarkets.



Kellton brings world-class technology and proven skills to help enterprises simplify their and deliver greater value through new, digital-first models.


With Kellton as a digital transformation partner on your side, unlock your business’s full potential through digital adoption. We offer flexible engagement models and the shortest implementation time.


Unlocking the next level of customer engagement via end-to-end IoT solutions by unraveling distinctive business needs through a dedicated IoT Core Network.


A leading team of 1800+ experts working at the bleeding edge of digital disruption that serves 200+ clients globally. We deliver rich business-centric solutions and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

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  • Venue IQ
  • Nasscom
  • Dormakaba
  • Johnson
  • Dupoint
  • Whistle Labs
  • Hawk Safety
  • IIT Alumni
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