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Oil and Gas Transformation Solutions

Kellton4ERP for Oil and Gas: Adopt the Tools for Digital Success

While the oil and gas industry touches every corner of commerce, it has some unique challenges. Such is its size that many assets often become forgotten, under-utilized, or ill-maintained. Then, as individual companies merge, it can be difficult to integrate their operations into your own, not to mention the challenges faced by operational transparency, well production, process visibility, cash flow prediction, and risk management. Thankfully, there is a solution used by over 98% of the Fortune 500 oil and gas companies.

SAP is the dominant, industry-wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Kellton4ERP for Oil and Gas, backed by SAP’s choicest resources and technology methodologies, is our unique approach that helps O&G companies overcome industry-specific challenges and achieve growth and efficiency to manage a successful transformation. Our experts have crafted a proven 4-step process that simplifies and speeds up implementation in as little as 12 weeks. That’s just three months to make your business much easier and better!

Kellton4ERP Oil and Gas Supports These Necessary Capabilities

  • Production and revenue accounting
  • Ownership and interests
  • Upstream
  • Measurement
  • Royalty reporting and processing
  • Contractual allocation
  • Tax reporting
  • Contracts and pricing
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Revenue distribution
  • Check input
  • Payment processing
  • Bulk storage and warehouse management of ingredients and finished goods

of the Fortune 500 oil and gas companies are running SAP.

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