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Rapid digitalization of the fitness industry is moving consumers from one-size-fits-all regimens to intelligent equipment and gyms that provide hyper-personalized insights. From button-based consoles to touch based customized consoles to smart wearables,digitized gym kiosks, a new wave of connected fitness experiences is on the ascent.

To keep ahead of competitors and address this rising demand, you need a one-stop solution partner who can support you from product ideation to launch including manufacturing to after sales support

By leveraging K4 Connected Fitness Solution, one can engineer innovation in fitness with the right tools and go to market faster as well. We offer a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions for fitness solution providers across automation, manufacturing, production, supply chain, logistics, cloud, AI/VA, software, remote diagnostics, edge analytics, and more. We help you build a smart fitness ecosystem that goes beyond conventional fitness routines and delivers intuitive user experiences tailored to individual goals.

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Comprehensive Service Offerings - Device, Platform,Application and Manufacturing


kellton4health™ - Connecting your brand to your customers

Flexible, Adaptable & Scalable

Leverage end-to-end product design and manufacturing of tablet consoles for fitness bikes, rowers, treadmills, and more. Turn to our smart mirror solution for strength training, wellness, gym kiosks, etc., powered by K4Connected Platform and Android-based software for high-definition performance

Insight-driven relevant actions
Smart Device provisioning (Lock Mode)

Develop Lock mode apps customized to Android with KELLTON Smart SDK and runtime cloud provisioning capabilities for quick spin-up of an array of workloads on demand

Seamless integrations
Automation testing framework

Employ automation testing framework services with a coverage of 50% - 60% of manual test cases for Android-based devices, hosted in every stage of development and production

Personalized customer experience

Take a step beyond touch-screen consoles for gamified fitness with KELLTON solutions across immersive experiences, digital twin, metaverse, and AR/VR/MR on fitness applications for virtual headsets and glasses


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Kellton4Health - Minimal Customization for Maximum Personalization

A flexible and scalable solution that has four major components - Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Social. With minimal customization, our experts have integrated KLGAME™ to create multiple, highly personalized solutions for industries like Travel, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Advertisement, automobile, and Healthcare.

Automated check-ins

Automated check-ins at hotels, airports, or conferences.

Wayfinding and crowd management

Wayfinding and crowd management in airports, museums, or retail stores.


Customer-locating when restaurant tables are ready or airport flights are boarding.

Location-based advertising

Location-based advertising, promotions, and offers.

Staff monitoring

Staff monitoring for security protocols and quality of service enhancement.

Reporting of safety checks

Reporting of safety checks, failures and fuel levels in automobiles.

Automated attendance

Automated attendance counting for concerts, conferences and stadium events.

Dynamic and interactive guides

Dynamic and interactive guides for museum tours and experiences.

Goods locator and promotion

Goods locator and promotion pushes within supermarkets.

Here's how our customers are reimagining what technology can do.

Digitizing indoor rowing with smart tablet consoles

Read how we helped a leading fitness studio implement a touch-based interface to their indoor cycling bikes. KELLTON provided end-to-end support from consulting to device manufacturing, SW deployment, maintenance and OTA along with OS Customization for easy app deployment.

Transforming fitness equipment with Android-based digital platform solution

See how we helped a global fitness equipment manufacturer digitally transform their equipment by implementing a single PCBA solution with a verifying interface. The solution includes end-to-end hardware and software scalability solutions for the next 5 years.

Gamifying a fitness machine with an Android-based tablet design

Learn how we helped a fitness solution provider gamify their fitness machine by designing and developing an Android-based tablet. The console matched strict weight parameters and helped maintain robustness to withstand any vibrations from the machine

Recasting strength bench with a smart mirror

Read how we can help fitness solution providers enhance their strength bench equipment with a 43-inch smart mirror furnished with best-in-class audio and MIC array solutions. The mirror is developed over an industrial-grade SoC-based PCBA and overall tablet solution. It enables multiple connectivity features with a variety of fitness equipment

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