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Human capital is always at the forefront of any organization’s growth initiative. When people are proactively managed and engaged with an organization’s vision, they demonstrate a genuine willingness to innovate. This, in turn, accelerates value creation and drives growth for those enterprises. However, as enterprises go into talent-hiring overdrive, the stress of managing it all also grows. As a result, organizations continually explore ways to boost their HR systems. More than anything, they are looking to expand their human capital potential without increasing their stress levels.

tHRive is Kellton's unique human capital management solution. It is an innovative and progressive platform to facilitate human capital management and ensure optimal performance at scale. tHRive drives speed and visibility into the management of your employee workflows, resulting in real-time staff tracking, performance governance, and seamless operations on the go.

tHRive - A full-suite human capital management solution

Agile HCM Experience
Agile HCM experience

We provide automated solutions that cover essential functions of human resources. We have designed tHRive to help you recruit, staff, train, and boost employee relations with an edge.

Automated Employee Onboarding
Automated employee onboarding

We help you establish the HRMS as a productive asset for seamless and faster onboarding, shifting the workforce towards more growth-oriented priorities.

Secure and Scalable
Secure and scalable

Employee management deals with a considerable amount of sensitive data. We help you keep your data in an encrypted virtual database and prevent unauthorized access, thereby ensuring security.

Employee Experience
Employee experience

With Kellton as your digital transformation partner, we can ensure a consistent and qualitative employee onboarding process for every new hire, and without any bias through our HRMS solution.


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tHRive - Fully Integrated HRM Solution

Kellton's tHRive is a new-age, fully-integrated HRMS built for streamlining the time-intensive administrative and HR processes and optimizing efficiency with speed-to-value. Providing a range of automated features that covers recruiting, staffing, training, and communication needs, tHRive empowers organizations to effectively collect, manage, store, and retrieve employees’ data for strategic, collaborative, and administrative management.

SAP Glod

Accelerated employee onboarding process

SAP Glod

Seamless data acquisition and management

SAP Glod

Social HRMS for increasing workforce engagement

SAP Glod

Faster Head-Hunting and Ramp-Up processes

SAP Glod

Improve employee Retention, Reduce Attrition rate

SAP Glod

System compliance with global HR practices



Kellton brings world-class technology and proven skills to help enterprises simplify their and deliver greater value through new, digital-first models.


With Kellton as a digital transformation partner on your side, unlock your business’s full potential through digital adoption. We offer flexible engagement models and the shortest implementation time.


Unlocking the next level of customer engagement via end-to-end digital solutions by unraveling distinctive business needs through a dedicated digital Core Network.


A leading team of 1800+ experts working at the bleeding edge of technological disruption that serves 200+ clients globally. We deliver rich business-centric solutions and stay at the forefront of digital innovation.

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