Nearshore Services and Product Portfolio Delivery: Our Europe Delivery Center

Since the founding of the Europe Delivery Center in 2008, its focus was on the agile development of web, cloud, and mobile applications - and helping organizations create and sustain digital innovation. We reduce development risk for our clients using sprint methodology, user-focused design and standards-based code to get digital platforms to market quickly.

Today, we stand as a market leader in our industry, with a strong global presence and a diverse portfolio of products and services. Throughout this journey, we have remained committed to our core values and the original vision that led to our founding. We have continued to invest in talents and development, staying at the forefront of technological advancements and consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

With nearshoring, you can choose flexible or temporary employment, depending on your current needs, and scale your workforce up or down anytime the project requires, leveraging our skilled and experienced team. Fuel your project with additional skills and competencies, and accelerate your software development process with us.


Our Europe Delivery Center 

Why Us?

Our highly skilled resources coupled with successful delivery of complex projects are the prime reasons for our success.  


Local Expertise for Seamless Project Implementation

Acquainted with the local markets due to 14 years of experience and hiring local talent, we implement the best practices suited to your project requirements so that you hit the ground running.

Proximity to European Economic Hubs

Our delivery center is located in Poland, closely situated to key European economic centers allowing companies to have direct access better visibility into operations, complete GDPR compliance  as well as easy communication due to being situated in similar time zones.


Successful Delivery Legacy

Our Europe center boasts of an impressive legacy of successfully delivering key projects for more than 10 Fortune 1000 companies, and large NGOs.

Our Expertise


Dariusz FrytaManaging Director, EU
Katarzyna SzostakDirector, HR - EU
Michał KopackiSenior Director & Engineering Practice Lead - EU
Katarzyna ŁaneckaDirector & Global Head of Design
Sebastian Spiegel Director, Backend Development
Grzegorz DudaDirector, Frontend & Mobile Development
Mariusz BanaszekDirector, Project Management

Current Customers including startups and Fortune 1000 companies


Digital & Tech Experts with experience across industries


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