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Digital transformation has ensured that companies are now generating more data than ever. Having data is one thing, understanding and using it meaningfully is another.

No company should underestimate the value of the collective data intelligence within its systems. Research indicates that if the median Fortune 1,000 business increased the usability of its data by just 10%, they would see $2.01 billion annual revenue growth.

As an industry leader in analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud offers a suite of solutions to equip you with the insights that your business needs to thrive. Kellton’s expertise helps you transform your business by unlocking the power of data and driving business outcomes. We provide you with the knowledge you need to help anticipate change and uncover opportunities by enabling automated dashboards, collaborative enterprise planning, augmented analytics based on AI-ML, and operational metrics. Our team is here to help you navigate them all.

Our Services

SAP Business Warehouse
SAP Business Warehouse

Integrate, transform, and consolidate your relevant business information by implementing a successful data warehouse and BI strategy with our SAP BW solution and leading industry practices.

SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP Analytics Cloud

Leverage cloud technology with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to enable your organization to discover actionable insights in real-time.

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation
SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

Harness the built-in functionalities of SAP BPC combined with our proven team to enhance your performance management processes like planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation.

SAP BusinessObjects
SAP BusinessObjects

Kellton’s proven methodologies provide insights for better decision-making with speed, agility, and accuracy offered through SAP BusinessObjects to ensure that your organization achieves its business goals quickly.

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among SAP partners to implement end-to-end SAP S/4HANA.


The most preferred SAP implementation partner with 35+ SAP customers worldwide.


We are one of the top 5% of global SAP partners, having met rigorous Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) standards.

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Ensure seamless transformations with Kellton - an authorized SAP partner with deep-rooted experience in helping enterprises adopt the transformative power of SAP Analytics Cloud.


We are among the top 5% of global SAP partners who have met their rigorous standards for Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) status. This accreditation, together with our extensive SAP Analytics Cloud expertise, gives us the tools to provide you with actionable, real-time information at the right time.


More than anything, we ensure a more competent and compliant IT infrastructure for your business by providing a quick and cost-effective approach to transform your business and achieve maximum operational excellence.


We accelerate innovation with our timely remote services and technical quality checks driven by regular business process analysis and SAP early watch checks.


HANA is a state-of-the-art analytics solution for big data processing and reporting which turns data into a complete and accurate picture of your business and customers. HANA Live simplifies business challenges at an end-user level and allows you to create, view, and share key information with stakeholders.


We seamlessly integrate with SAP Solution Manager to centralize procedures resulting in improved functionality and agility, reduced time, effort, and cost through performance-optimized implementation.

Our Clientele

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

Managing product catalogs and data is a struggle, especially when manual intervention is required. So when our client wanted to automate their catalog management processes in order to improve efficiency and ensure faster time-to-market, we armed ourselves with the latest technology and surmounted the challenge with a hands-on approach.

The quest for omnichannel reach intensifies when you’re a billion-dollar company with an expansive footprint of 800 stores nationwide. So, when our client wanted to augment its sales channels with SAP CX and needed a partner to help them take charge of their upgrade and maintenance needs, we knew we needed to adopt a seamless, omnichannel approach that provided a single, unified experience to customers across all channels.

Today’s enterprises depend on technology-based systems for business expansions, but their legacy systems lack scalability and deter growth. Our client was no different. Their outdated, overly complicated architectures were hindering growth and business agility. So, when they sought to integrate their legacy systems with new technologies to unlock scalability and unleash the potential for innovation, we helped them seize every means of sustainable growth.

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