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Digital Transformation of the Distribution Sector

Kellton4ERP for Incumbents: Reinventing supply chains from the ground up.

There are several unique challenges that successful distribution companies face. And, when things aren’t going well, keeping up with customer demands can be challenging. Rapid growth can also negatively affect your business if you allow it to overstretch your current processes. If you are acquiring new companies or service lines, you need to be able to integrate your operations with theirs quickly. Finally, moving your current business processes away from paper-based ones can get overlooked with all this going on. Thankfully, we have a solution.

Kellton4ERP Distribution is our unique solution that utilizes SAP - the dominant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the market. By leveraging SAP Best Practices, we can provide companies across the wholesale distribution value chain with the comprehensive tools necessary to grow their businesses organically or through acquisition. Best of all, we can implement our proven 4-step process in as little as 12 weeks, making your life easier from the moment you contact us.

Enjoy the following pre-configured functionality

  • Formula administration through maintenance of master data.
  • Collaborative quote-to-cash.
  • Supply chain optimization and inventory control.
  • Balanced demand and supply for optimized availability.
  • “Kellton4ERP Fill Rate” for maximized fill rate execution.
  • Real-time insight into profitability.
  • Charge back and fill rate management.
  • Landed cost.
  • Financial and management analytics.
  • Operational analytics.

Kellton is a Certified Partner of SAP - the

#1ERP on the market

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