Regardless of its size, almost every company is adopting and building conversational AI bots to redefine its customer experience. Humans are replaced with cognitive machines in a move to unlock disruptive gains. However, figuring out whether conversational AI is actually the right fit for an organization is a question that has been overlooked in today’s technological rage. Notably, deploying conversational AI isn’t a casual technology makeover. It’s a culture change, which if goes off the track, can leave a business in jeopardy.

To quote a precedent, remember Tay—a conversational bot from Microsoft—that learned to hurl racist and misogynistic remarks, leaving its founders red-faced. It’s one of many examples that explain the consequences if a chatbot doesn’t align with business objectives it can put your reputation at stake. 

In the infographic below, we list down six critical factors one must keep in mind while deploying conversational AI

Deploying Conversational AI

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6 Things to Keep in Mind while Deploying Conversational AI

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