Do you know that even a second of SAP downtime can cost an enterprise millions? Like any other technology breakthrough, the SAP ecosystem is prone to many detrimental business-critical vulnerabilities, each capable of dramatically impacting business operations—whether ECC, S/4HANA, or RISE with SAP.

Timely and constant upgrades, change requests, functional enhancements, and re-assessment of SAP systems - the way forward to keep the SAP systems up-to-speed with evolving customers’ requirements and the latest technological advancements. Companies need to synchronize and strategize their SAP application management roadmap with the operational dimensions to scale up and gain a competitive edge.

SAP application management services (AMS) are the need of the hour for accelerated enterprise transformation. In every SAP-centric ecosystem, the key reasons that drive resilience, greater visibility, and sustained efficiency are:

  • Adopting new functional upgrades to maintain relevance
  • Technology improvements to leverage the additional scope
  • Upgrading to higher versions for greater innovation
  • Improving application performance with core bug fixing and risk mitigation
  • Regular monitoring of backlogs and workload spikes

The right balance of all these three things (resilience, greater visibility, and sustained efficiency) is imperative to build intelligent SAP landscapes for complete digital transformation. This whitepaper explains the crucial role of SAP applications and management solutions in gaining maximum agility and mitigating potential business risks. Here, we will also explore key insights, strategies, and best practices beneficial for leveraging SAP AMS as a catalyst to drive operational excellence and improved user experiences.

White Paper

Innovate with SAP AMS: The catalyst for business agility

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