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SAP C/4HANA is a cloud-based customer experience and E-commerce platform. Consisting of five component applications – Marketing, Customer, Sales, Services, and Customer Data - it was created to revolutionize the CRM market.

C/4HANA applications help you comprehensively view your customers throughout their journey. By acquiring these unique insights, you can make more informed decisions that allow you to improve your business.

At Kellton, we help our clients stay agile so that they can react to changing business landscapes. That’s why when SAP C/4HANA replaced SAP Hybris, our dedicated center of excellence for Hybris was quickly adapted to focus on creating custom solutions using the new software. By leveraging the power of SAP C/4HANA, we can help you decipher your customers’ key behavioral patterns and preferences. That way, you can build unrivaled insights into what influences purchasing decisions and shape decisions that support market growth apace.

With C/4HANA, we blend technology, professional services, and best-in-class platforms to help you reduce operational costs, tap into global markets, and improve your customer experience.

Our Services

SAP Sales Cloud
SAP Sales Cloud

Empower your sales team with the power of a modern sales enablement solution combined with Kellton’s certified expertise to obtain deep customer insights by mapping the entire sales process, from opportunity to order.

SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Commerce Cloud

Kellton’s agile methodologies with the built-in functionalities of SAP Commerce cloud establish an end-to-end buying process and detailed levels of scalability and performance.

SAP Customer Data Cloud
SAP Customer Data Cloud

Harness the built-in functionalities of SAP Customer Data Cloud combined with our years of experience to enhance your engagement, build trust, and deliver personalized digital experiences to businesses, partners, and customers.

SAP Service Cloud
SAP Service Cloud

Deliver personalized customer service with speed, efficiency, and optimal cost to achieve true service excellence with the SAP Service Cloud solution.

SAP Marketing Cloud
SAP Marketing Cloud

With SAP Marketing Cloud, unlock a world of digital innovation, customer value, and growth by delivering personalized brand experiences with intelligent marketing.

1 st

among SAP partners to implement end-to-end SAP S/4HANA.


The most preferred SAP implementation partner with 35+ SAP customers worldwide.


We are one of the top 5% of global SAP partners, having met rigorous Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) standards.

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We accelerate innovation with our timely remote services and technical quality checks driven by regular business process analysis and SAP early watch checks.


We are among the top 5% of the global SAP partners who have met the rigorous standards for Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) status. This accreditation, together with our experience in SAP C/4HANA, gives us the tools to provide you with a simplified technology landscape and reduced operational costs.


More than anything, we ensure a more competent and compliant IT infrastructure for your business by providing a quick and cost-effective approach to transform your business and achieve maximum operational excellence.


Our integrated SAP and C/4HANA solutions provide rich e-commerce and digital marketing capabilities and deliver omnichannel digital experiences.


Ensure seamless transformations with Kellton - a authorized SAP partner with a dedicated center of excellence for C/4HANA that focuses on the customer rather than the sales process and enhances your customer experience.


With our knowledge of SAP and your knowledge of your customers, we seamlessly integrate and centralize your business procedures resulting in enhanced customer experiences and improved brand loyalty through performance-optimized implementation.

Our Clientele

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

Managing product catalogs and data is a struggle, especially when manual intervention is required. So when our client wanted to automate their catalog management processes in order to improve efficiency and ensure faster time-to-market, we armed ourselves with the latest technology and surmounted the challenge with a hands-on approach.

Customer experience is a new competitive differentiator, and most enterprises are reconfiguring their business models, to make customers the focus of every business initiative. So, when our client wanted an e-commerce platform to gain customer traction and compete proactively with the fast-changing world of B2B retailing, we knew that the unique solution had to break new grounds of innovation and drive value in record time

Today’s enterprises depend on technology-based systems for business expansions, but their legacy systems lack scalability and deter growth. Our client was no different. Their outdated, overly complicated architectures were hindering growth and business agility. So, when they sought to integrate their legacy systems with new technologies to unlock scalability and unleash the potential for innovation, we helped them seize every means of sustainable growth.

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