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Almost 37% of the new digital products fail more often than they succeed. The reason? Lack of resonance in the market, which usually is a consequence of no strategic planning and research. At Kellton, we help you succeed with a product development strategy underpinned by: part innovation, part data, and part technical resourcefulness—all of which support your business growth and enable a successful market run.

We are backed by a team of highly practiced design thinking specialists and strategy coaches that collaborate with you to understand your product vision and pan out a blueprint rooted in market relevance and brand purpose. Our team interlocks deep cross-industry experience with human-led design methodologies, advanced analytical practices, and IP-driven accelerators, to build product differentiation strategies that take your vision from being a proof of concept to being a proof of value faster.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

When you’re a leading retailer with over 450 outlets, the omnichannel ecosystem is an aggressive struggle. So, when our client needed a unique roadmap to seamlessly capture the potential of omnichannel commerce, we stepped in to establish new benchmarks of customer experience.

With over $73 billion of the sum assured, 221 offices, and 2.06 times of the mandatory 150% solvency ratio, our client is an insurance behemoth in India. Aiming to bang on the competition, the client sought a roadmap with actionable initiatives and a change enablement plan to help achieve a future state with an improved agent onboarding experience. We knew that this particular solution will help tighten the ratchet.

Modern manufacturers yearn to build smart factories, but the lack of channelized processes and conventional operations handling create bottlenecks. So, when our client wanted to attain increased interoperability between shop-floor systems and tools and backend ERP systems, we knew they needed a changeover from conventional to technology-driven  collaborative manufacturing. We helped them incorporate intelligence, automate workflows, and integrate data to achieve operational excellence and increase productivity.

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