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KPIs for Measuring
Scrum is a lightweight framework that enables software development companies to build and deliver cutting-edge software solutions. As a remarkably flexible framework, Scrum encompasses numerous tools…
June 22nd , 2022
Hybrid integration in today's rapidly evolving era of digital disruption, is gaining momentum with each passing day. Large enterprises and mid-sized firms must modernize their integration strategy to…
May 19th , 2022
Workato Integration
Raising a disparate digital ecosystem is as good as not raising one. When your IT landscape is scattered, you have a sluggish, cumbersome, inefficient, and high-cost service model that takes too long…
February 03rd , 2021
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BPM is the process of overhauling processes using value-driven project management models, to improve turnaround time and enhance customer experience. Kellton  has the capability of deploying…
November 06th , 2018