Disparate financial systems; vague data; sluggish performance of mobility solutions


SAP S/4HANA Finance to integrate financial and accounting processes; SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for real-time decision-making; OpenText Vendor Management to standardize invoice processes; Vertex Tax Solutions for automated tax calculations; SAP Fiori to improve mobile UX


Increased visibility; improved procure-to-pay workflows; ensured data consistency; boosted business efficiency

Key Challenges

  1. Digital transformation is creating a world of new finance. Enterprises that seek to stay at the forefront must reinvent themselves. Though our client knew the writing on the wall, they couldn’t keep pace with an increasingly digital economy because of their fragmented landscape. Disparate systems of record negatively impacted the quality of bookkeeping and made it nearly impossible to correctly assess the financial affairs of the business.
  2. Inconsistent data was a critical issue as more and more decisions became information-based. The discrepancy in data led to inaccurate business insights, which impaired the ability to predict future events. As a result, our client was forced to rely on instincts when making business decisions.
  3. The existing digital mobility infrastructure wasn’t meeting the required performance standards. The solutions were rather slack and couldn’t scale quickly to support the rising demand. This strained efficiency and resulted in business downtime.

Our client is a leading midstream provider with assets spanning across Texas, Mexico, and Pennsylvania. Established in 2011, the company has a team of professionals with over 150+ years of combined experience and provides a full suite of integrated midstream services to clients worldwide.

Our Solutions

Our client sought to integrate their disparate financial processes and reduce complexity by implementing a modern ERP system. After a thorough analysis, Kellton chose SAP S/4HANA Finance for our client’s new ERP system. Our solution effectively integrated the client’s core financial systems and unlocked a common view into their operations. The new system enabled on-the-fly business analysis and accelerated decision-making. It provided a boost to business efficiency by eliminating redundancy and reducing costs associated with manual efforts.

We also implemented SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) for SAP S/4HANA Finance to enable a reconciled view of data, generate real-time insights, and drive predictive maintenance. The solution helped our client evaluate business scenarios at a granular level, predict events faster, and take decisions that could catalyze long-term growth. The ability to assess a single source of truth made the possibility of data replications and reconciliations nearly obsolete.

Our decision to integrate OpenText Vendor Invoice Management and Vertex helped us streamline the invoicing and tax processes. While tasks related to receiving, managing, and monitoring invoices were considerably simplified, tax calculations were end-to-end automated. Additionally, we also transformed our client’s user experience with their in-house mobility solutions by leveraging the modern, user-friendly SAP Fiori interface.

Business Benefits

  • Delivered one single integrated view into financial processes
  • Enhanced record-to-report visibility in cash flows.
  • Enabled real-time workflow tracking and reporting.
  • Improved data veracity to ensure unbiased decisions. 
  • Increased operational speed and efficiency.
  • Ensured better business monitoring on the go.

Project Outcomes

2x Increase in revenue

2x Increase in application-user engagement

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