Absence of an e-commerce platform; disparate business systems and outdated software; manual order processing


Built and deployed a dynamic B2B omnichannel retail solution using SAP Hybris Commerce Platform; integrated systems with SAP Hybris Cloud Edition; automated systems and enabled real-time data insights 


Improved customer engagement; increased acquisition and retention; augmented sales and ROIs

Key Challenges

  1. Studies show that enterprises lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service. Given the estimate and today’s competitive era, no enterprise can afford to be a CX slouch. Our client also wanted to effectively engage their customers, however, the absence of an e-commerce portal was a roadblock to their business growth and hampered brand credibility.
  2. Non-integrated systems were an obstacle to supply chain visibility and a single customer view. Our client had no understanding of their customers’ purchasing behaviors and lifetime value, which led to poor market analysis and ineffective decision-making.
  3. Customer orders were processed manually by phone or even fax, which negatively impacted workflow efficiency and customer experience quality.

Our client is a leading US-based manufacturer and supplier of furniture and equipment for schools and educators. Prioritizing customer service as a key growth agenda, the company has global revenue soaring to millions.

Our Solutions

We analyzed the client’s operational chains to better understand the pain points and created an actionable strategy to help them realize their vision for customer acquisition and retention. The team designed and developed a simple and seamless e-commerce environment, leveraging the capabilities of the SAP Hybris digital e-commerce platform and SAP backend digital business platform. Additionally, we ensured agile responsiveness and high security with robust technologies for perpetual monitoring and disaster recovery, and continue to provide long-term operational support for our client’s new e-commerce solution.

We took the client from zero to full wireframe development and integration of all systems in 90 days. With 30 custom features bespoke to the client’s business objectives, integration was crucial. From pricing to taxation to payment to omnichannel customer service and fulfillment, cloud-based SAP Hybris was integrated across all systems, resulting in an efficient solution that enhanced the client’s business processes and created a seamless customer experience.

Digital Integration facilitated end-to-end automation of business systems, improving efficiency, supply chain visibility, and decision-making. The enablement of robust data analytics enabled our client to leverage customer insights, plan effectively, and transform the way they interacted with customers. This helped our client to rapidly scale on a global level, improve customer experience, and drive immediate returns on investments.

Business Benefits

  • Strengthened customer loyalty by 95%
  • Expanded customer base by 76%
  • Enhanced customer insights by 84%
  • Improved cross-category sales by 73%
  • Increased profitability by 33%

Project Outcomes

3 weeks to 3 days Customer service response time shortened

Took record 90 days in SAP Hybris deployment

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