Django Web Development

10 Reasons Why Django Web Development with Python is Most Popular for Backend Web Development

The foremost challenge for web developers is to choose the right technology. Although there are multitudes of frameworks in the offing, a very few fit a particular use case or business goals such as Python web development with Django framework. When it comes to back-end web development, it is easy pickings to find a suitable Django web development company that offers Django development services at affordable cost.

There are sample reasons why web developers and business owners alike choose web development in Django. Let’s analyze why more and more applications are being developed using Django, a high-level Python web framework.

  1. Django web development Framework is Simple

    Initially introduced with exemplary, high-quality documentation that still retains the same level, Django framework is simple to use. Moreover, Django fulfils the main purposes by covering the basics and simplifying the development process so that you can focus on the more complex and unique features of your project.

  2. Django Runs on Python 

    Django framework is based of Python, which is a dynamic and high-level programming language. Although it’s hard to come across a programming language that covers most tasks and problems, Django software development fits the bill for most use cases. In fact, right from 2018 onwards Python has remained one of the most popular languages, competing with C++ and Java

    The versatility of Python lies in that fact that its code is portable across platforms, from PC, Linux, to PlayStation. Being multi-paradigm, Python supports object-oriented programming, which makes the coding and implementation simpler. Resembling a pseudo-code language, Python is also more interactive than most other languages and helps you focus on solving tasks rather than on syntax. 

    Python web application development with Django requires little effort and shorter code. Python also has extensive libraries which make it easy to learn, implement and adopt. Businesses also prefer web development in Django as it takes less time to write the code, which means development of the project at a lower cost point. 
  3. Django is Feature Loaded

    Django web development framework has everything that it takes to develop a full-fledged application out-of-the-box as it adopts Python’s “batteries included” approach. Since all the essentials are available, you don’t need to spend hours in customizing the framework while developing a simple application or a prototype. 

    However, if you require additional feature for building a more complex application, over 4,000 packages are available for Django that cover debugging, profiling, and testing. 

    The Django framework also leverages tool packages that allow developers to work with cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics. Also, these tool packages are easy to set up and use in projects especially for math-heavy industries such as FinTech
  4. Django is Time-Effective

    Django web development frameworks packs in multiple features that make it time- and cost-effective and most suitable for developing MVPs and prototypes. Django has a flexible and well-structured admin panel which is better than Laravel. Django also allows developers to reuse code from other projects. In fact, it also has a library of reusable apps, tools, and features. 

    Django has great templates and forms that have even been copied by other projects. Various out-of-the-box libraries and tools of Django allow developers to assemble a decent prototype in least possible time. 
  5. Django is Suitable for Almost Every Project

    Despite the fact that Django is not an enterprise solution like Java or C#, it is suitable for just about any project, irrespective of its size. For example, if you hire a Django development company for developing a social media web application, Django can scale in capacity to handle both heavy traffic and large volumes of data. Even if you are developing something simpler such as a blog publishing website, Django is again an excellent choice since it provides everything that is required for putting together a working application. 

    Additional benefits offered by Django that make it a flexible web development framework include its cross-platform feature which allows developers to create applications that can run on Windows, macOS, or Linux. Django’s ORM also allows developers to use several databases in one project. It is easy to switch between databases by a single line of code. 
  6. Django is Compliant with DRY and KISS 

    Since Django is based on the the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, a developer can easily place abstractions instead of frequently repeated software patterns, or use data normalization. This is a unique way of avoiding redundancy and bugs. 

    Among the many of its acronyms that are commonplace, KISS is generally understood as “Keep It Short and Simple”. In Django terminology it means simple, easy to read, and understandable code. To give an example, methods shouldn’t exceed more than 40-50 lines.
  7. Django is Highly-Secure and Up-To-Date

    Following the latest trends in website security and development, Django has always maintained the highest standards. Django is regularly updated with security patches even in case you are using an older version of the framework. Django has an LTS (Long-term Support) version. 
  8. Django is Backward-Compatible

    Django offers complete backward-compatibility with reusable components such as interfaces, common features, and formats of previous versions. Additionally, Django has well defined roadmap and descriptions. Contained in the release notes of Django all the information that a developer needs to know about changes, and more importantly, what changes are incompatible with previous releases. 

Django’s Compatibility with DevOps 

A developer can enhance a web development project by using the DevOps methodology, which shortens lifecycles while maintaining business objectives. Django is particularly good if you are looking to develop banking web applications, which are quite complex.

Using DevOps methodology enables:

  • Faster problem solving with improved operational support.
  • Leveraging the continuous delivery approach to develop the app in short cycles to ensure its reliability for any time release. 
  • Using a collaborative approach to increase the team’s productivity.

Django Leverages REST Framework for Building APIs

Among the major benefits of using Django for back-end web development is its Representational State Transfer (REST) framework, which is a popular toolkit for building APIs. The power of Django’s REST framework can be assessed from the fact that it takes just three lines of code to build a ready-to-use API.

REST is also extremely flexible as data is not tied to any methods or resources, which means that REST can handle multiple types of calls and return different data formats, thereby meeting the requirements of different customers.

Kellton Tech’s Django Project for a US-based Health Insurance Provider

A top-tier Django development company, our deep domain expertise, solid project management, and transparency have helped us implement several cutting-edge solutions based on the Django web development framework in the real world.

When our client, a US-based health insurer, predominantly curating new and innovative products and services catering to America’s senior citizens approached us to build a direct-to-customer digital platform, we were immediately upbeat about the idea.

After carrying out the initial requirement analysis, as our knowledge and final scope of the project crystallized, we decided to use the Django framework, as it is a powerful tool based on the Python programming language that allows creating complex web applications.  

We built a bespoke aggregator platform for the client to help customers seamlessly navigate through the medicare plans and select the most suitable one. We tested and implemented various components of the platform including the CMS, Back-end Data Services, and Call Center Services. 

Our solution consolidated enterprise-wide data for real-time planning capabilities along with implementing professional-grade data encryption to ensure complete data security and enable a safe and secure medicare enrolment journey for our client’s customers. 

Kellton Tech overcame numerous challenges during the project to enable comprehensive integrations across a cohort of Python-based technologies to augment the IT infrastructure of the client. Following our stellar software delivery playbook based on agile and DevOps practices, we ensured a flawless and on-time product delivery. 

The Bottom Line

Custom Django web development with Python is one of the most effective ways to build a web application using prewritten bits of code.  The numerous advantages of Django web development discussed above can be summarized into effort-saving, time-saving, and above all, cost-saving. 

Django is also a highly scalable framework which developers can leverage for building small projects and later move on to developing complex applications capable of handling heavy user traffic and large volumes of data. Regardless of your idea, Django could be the best-fit solution for your next business project.