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Django was Python’s answer to Rails and catapulted to an acclaimed status. It leads the pack as one of the fastest and most flexible frameworks for building web applications. Packed with a multitude of features, Django ensures less coding and takes the hassle out of web development. What’s more, its value proposition sets out two other benefits. The first is its pragmatic design, and the second is its ease of use. These advantages make Django the most cutting-edge and time-tested framework to date.

Django currently supports some of the busiest sites on the web, including Instagram and Pinterest. Even Facebook uses it for backend development. Media behemoths such as The Washington Post trust Django to improve the customer experience, and this is a testament to Django's popularity among the key business players. If you want to differentiate and take your organization to the next level, hire Django developers from Kellton. We are a global Django development company with the skills and expertise to build solutions that drive quality, adaptability, and experience in today’s hypercompetitive business economy.

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