Understanding the SAP PCoE certification and Kellton's value proposition

The SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) is essential to become an SAP Value-Added Reseller (VAR). The PCoE certification is hands down a rigorous process, curated with a purpose i.e., to ensure that a partner is equipped with the right level of information, expertise, and infrastructure to deliver the highest quality of SAP support incrementally.

To put even more simply, a company, when it acquires this esteemed certification, is entrusted with ensuring the best all-round support for optimizing SAP systems for its customers while quickly leveraging the exclusive suite of resources that SAP has ingeniously crafted under its hood.

How Is The SAP PCoE Certification Achieved?

Achieving the SAP PCoE certification requires companies to meet the specific processes, infrastructure, and people criteria. 

  • Processes: Extensive documentation is required to establish both identity and eligibility to acquire the SAP PCoE certification. Organizations have to hand over 25 or more documents, which include information concerning Customer User Guides, Delivered Support Agreements, Sample VAR, Complaint and Escalation Processes, Corporate Presentations, Enterprise Support, and Various Solution Manager Incident Reports.
  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure is core to ensuring services and support as an SAP PCoE. As the first order of business, organizations must set up a support hotline and install an SAP Solution Manager with remote connectivity to SAP Support Center. In addition, they must have the test clients’ set-up for each product we support.
  • People: Companies must channel the change across the full span of their workforce and induct roles that can aid in the seamless delivery of services as the SAP PCoE. To ensure all tasks and responsibilities are completed for each customer, they must hire for multiple positions, including Dispatcher, Support Processor, Support Manager, Support Coordinator & Administrator.

What Exclusive SAP Resources Do Companies Gain Access To As An SAP PCoE?

To be an SAP PCoE is to be at a competitive advantage, where a company gets to access SAP’s exclusive resources and deliver a range of differentiated offerings that helps customers enable continuous improvements across their SAP systems. Benefits? 

  • Business acceleration
  • Sustained, market-ready performance
  • Reduced TCO

Below is the list of exclusive resources that an x leverages:


Kellton Is A Certified PCoE. What Does It Mean?

If truth be told, an SAP IT estate is an intricate and confusing arrangement of processes where bottlenecks are a routine. Driven by the need to address market requirements faster than peers and remain agile, an enterprise needs a partner, a helping hand that can take care of complete SAP implementation, operational, and optimization needs while freeing up time to focus on strategic priorities.

Kellton is an SAP PCoE that: 

  • Has the knowledge, access to SAP’s class-leading resources, and the right kind of network to facilitate delivery and support for your SAP systems. 
  • Thrives by streamlining your SAP value chains and ensuring the quality of performance. 
  • Leads you towards achieving SAP Service Excellence and ensure cost reduction and risk mitigation benefits you expected in the first place.

Looking To Collaborate With Us? Don't Miss These key Considerations

  • Make sure that you are registered as a PCoE customer with us. 
  • If you have no visibility of the number of tickets processed/addressed per month or quarter, you can avail of PCoE. 
  • Whether you have less than a few tickets per month or close to 100 tickets for a year, he can still avail of PCoE services. 
  • Note that as an SAP PCoE, we are obligated to offer on-demand SAP support, so there is no minimum hour requirement for the engagement.