Scrum is a lightweight framework that enables software development companies to build and deliver cutting-edge software solutions. As a remarkably flexible framework, Scrum encompasses numerous tools, technologies, and processes that help teams work together and learn from their experiences. 

However, capturing the true potential of Scrum requires a team that thrives on the challenges and follows its five core values which are commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage. 

It is equally imperative for a professional software development company to develop actionable KPIs - key performance indicators - for its Scrum teams. Without clear and effective KPIs, businesses may find it difficult to determine the progress that the Scrum teams are making toward their goals. 

To help you embrace the best of Scrum, we have put together six KPIs that organizations and teams should use to gain greater visibility into their work and improve performance. 

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6 Scrum KPIs for Measuring Team Performance

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