The healthcare industry is experiencing strong disruptive shifts. i-DigitalHealth (iDH) by Kellton is an integrated healthcare system that goes beyond quality to deliver real value to the healthcare industry. Powered by advanced care coordination technologies and Big Data, the platform creates a smart and transparent ecosystem that drives quality, adaptability, and a superior experience for patients and medical professionals alike. 

iDH is a combination of multiple smart digital capabilities, which are:

  • E-Health Cards: For bringing ubiquity to healthcare
  • Command and Control Analytics Center: For integrating and virtualizing data to create paths toward the healthcare of tomorrow
  • Integrated Hospital Management System: For improving operational efficiency  
  • Mobile Diagnostic Labs and Virtual Hospitals: For ensuring equal and affordable access to care for all
  • Emergency Response System: For enabling emergency preparedness

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iDH - Defining The New Paradigm of Healthcare Delivery

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