Raising a disparate digital ecosystem is as good as not raising one. When your IT landscape is scattered, you have a sluggish, cumbersome, inefficient, and high-cost service model that takes too long to respond to customers’ issues.

In a strategic partnership with Workato, Kellton helps enterprises gain a synchronized IT ecosystem and seek greater value out of it. By integrating the core building blocks with Workato’s automation and digital integration capabilities, we help business executives get visibility across value chains, capture data for strategic value, and boost decision-making to have a fundamental impact on efficiency. 

This brochure provides an insight into: 

  • Workato – Meaning, Features, and Benefits
  • Kellton is expertise in Workato and our services
  • Our unique hybrid integration approach
  • The Kellton advantage

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Accelerating Value-Generation with Workato Integration

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