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Making the complicated simple through technology

Some of the most complicated terms in technology today provide some of the simplest benefits for today’s business challenges. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, gamification and analytics are all extremely powerful tools. When they are used correctly, they can provide solutions that revolutionize businesses.

We leverage these technologies to help us craft solutions to modern business problems. We enable workflows, automates processes and empower real-time decision-making for companies in oil, gas, mining, power, utilities, telecommunication, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare through IoT. We deliver rich user experiences across airports, retail outlets, museums, conferences and hospitality destinations by leveraging the power of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. We do this so that our clients can do business faster, better and simpler than ever before. We’d be delighted to do the same for you.

Kellton’s Key Platforms and Products


Kellton’s Location-based Gamification, Analytics and Rich Messaging Engine (KLGAME™) is our unique system that leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to deliver rich…


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