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The COVID pandemic has turned the world upside down, and created a sense of urgency for enterprise automation plans. As a result, there is a surge in digital, intelligent investments to deal with new industry pressures and disruptions.

Some of the most advanced technologies provide some of the simplest benefits for today’s business challenges. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, gamification and analytics are all extremely powerful tools. When they are used correctly, they can provide solutions that revolutionize businesses.

At Kellton, we leverage these technologies to craft solutions to modern business problems. We enable workflows, automate processes and empower real-time decision-making for companies in oil, gas, mining, power, utilities, telecommunication, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare through IoT. We deliver rich user experiences through scalable flexible solutions so that our clients can do business faster, better, and simpler than ever before. We’d be delighted to do the same for you.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

Traditional event planning processes result in
substandard end-user experiences. So, when our
client wanted to leverage digital technologies to help
marketers methodically plan events and deliver
personalized experiences, we met this one-of-a-kind
challenge head on and opened the exciting route to
the next-generation of events.

Blockchain is the bellwether of innovation not only for FinTech companies worldwide. Regardless of size and industry,
businesses are keen on leveraging the technology for mining and minting new opportunities and driving engagement. So when our client looked to ride the soaring technology wave — aiming to reimagine their existing NFT marketplace and simplify, fortify, and demystify digital transactions — we helped it transform into apremium, digitally integrated, and highly shielded platform.

Direct selling is a retail channel used by global brands to market products to consumers. Multi-level direct selling 
organizations are fast transforming into digital natives to sell their products and services based on the B2C business model 
to offer their users convenience. When our client, distraught with their legacy system, approached us, we helped them 
move to a futuristic and next-gen mobile solution to deliver a consistent customer experience across all user touchpoints 
encompassing the entire business value chain.


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