Understanding how Hybrid Integration and API Reference Architecture enables Cloud Strategy

Date: 7th October 2021

Tune into our webinar titled, “Understanding how Hybrid Integration and API Reference Architecture enables Cloud Strategy,” to dig deeper into hybrid integration strategies, platforms, and API management. 

In the webinar, our experts, Mr. Ram Kanumuri, talked about how hybrid integration strategies, underpinned by APIs, help businesses to forge innovative IT models and accelerate multi-cloud adoption.


Businesses worldwide practice agility and continuous innovation to attract new customers and to upsell additional products and services to their existing client base. They are continuously enhancing their IT strategy by adopting emerging technologies in the cloud in order to harness the potential of optimizing IT costs and evolving their businesses into highly agile enterprises that can react to changing digital challenges.

As cloud technologies become crucial to all digital transformation strategies, hybrid integration assists enterprises with integrating diverse cloud portfolios to deliver continuous innovation. Advanced hybrid integration platforms treat APIs as a common language to communicate seamlessly with disparate cloud systems, applications, partners, and third parties. Given this fact, more and more businesses are building a hybrid integration strategy powered by APIs.

That’s why we created this webinar. Hosted by experts, this webinar is informative, engaging, and can be accessed very easily. Just click on the video below. 

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Understanding Hybrid Integration Platforms – A bridge for Multi-Cloud Strategy
  • How APIs form the premise for Hybrid Integration Reference Architecture
  • How APIs increase the agility in cloud microservices with Service Mesh
  • How APIs form the fabric for integrating SaaS applications
  • How APIs drive Innovation to facilitate data monetization in cloud

Our Speakers

Ram Kanumuri — Vice President and Leader — Emerging Technologies

Ram is an enterprise technology evangelist and advisor based out of Dallas, TX. He got his start in digital integration more than a decade ago creating enterprise level integration solutions and platforms for retailers, distributors, oil & gas, energy, utility firms, insurance and financial institutions using commercial technology from vendors such as Software AG, IBM and MuleSoft. He is well known for his techno-functional expertise and value that he brings to our customers when developing solutions to complex business and industry problems.