Blockchain in Finance – Debunking Myths & Assessing true fit for your need

Time: 11:30 AM

Tune into our interactive webinar on "Blockchain in Financial Services" to discover how emerging technologies like Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies reinventing the Financial Services Segment. In this webinar, our industry expert Mr Sushil Tripati talked about why many forward-thinking financial institutions rely on distributed ledger technologies to thrive in the new, emerging fintech ecosystem.
The breakthrough transformation brought by Blockchain technology in Financial Services Industry primarily began with its most extensive deployment, i.e. the Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The emerging technologies are designed to be decentralized with "layers" intelligently defined by an interoperable open protocol. In today's age of digital disruption, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies together claimed a compelling vision to the obsolete Financial Systems that has been proven very complex and vulnerable to potential cybersecurity risks.

Hear out this webinar to know how Blockchain technology in Financial Services helped enterprises achieve improved capital optimization, reduced counterparty risks, and enhanced transparency.


Blockchain Technology is all about the Digitization of Trust - considerably transforming how people transact, interact, and verify the authenticity of critical information more safely. Indeed, it brings together the internet's openness with the potential security of cryptography and secured business networks to revolutionize the traditional financial services industry with the transformative impact and minimize risks in business operations.

This webinar attempted to discuss everything relevant to a successful implementation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the Financial Industry that has significantly enabled digital securities within shorter time periods along with greater levels of customization and scalability. Over the next decade, these distributed ledger technologies are expected to create over 10x cost and business benefits against incumbent technologies for commercial and financial markets at every touchpoint. Streamlined processes, heightened automation, increased operational efficiency, fast asset transfers, reduced infrastructure costs, and fractionalized ownership of real-world assets are the key benefits of digitizing Financial Instruments.

But before initiating the transformation journey, the organization is expected to gain a solid understanding of the targeted benefits, list down the roadblocks, and know 'the what? and the how?' to build a solid business case. Whether you are in the execution phase or planning phase of Blockchain implementation, hear out this webinar on "Blockchain in Financial Services" to listen to our speaker Mr. Sushil Tripati who deep-dived into how Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies going hand-in-hand to revolutionize Financial Services Industry. 

Further, he discussed how new business models harnessing the benefits of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Sector and Mr Sushil Tripati had fostering insights on the ground-breaking Blockchain business used cases throughout the industry segments and financial institutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • How this Worldwide Ledger works
  • How Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies go hand-in-hand
  • Promise & Peril of the New Platform
  • Reinventing Financial Services
  • Achieving Trust & Integrity in the Blockchain Network
  • New Business Models and How this tech will disrupt the world as we know it
  • How it is implemented and What Challenges we need to overcome

Our Speaker

Mr. Sushil Tripathi – Associate Vice President (Technology) - Kellton

Mr. Sushil Tripathi is a Thought Leader and Innovator with a core specialization in Payment Tech, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. He has extensive experience of over 15 years in significant technologies, including LAMP, Java/J2EE, .NET, Node.js, and six years+ of working experience in Technology Leadership.
At Kellton , Mr. Sushil Tripathi oversees the implementation of innovations, enterprise application design and integrations, scalable system design, service-oriented architecture (SOA), Micro Services, and component-based design and new technologies. His most recent highlight is heading a Blockchain Project to build an Ethereum based NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Blockchain network.

He is passionate about intersecting deep domain expertise and robust technology leverage to solve complex problems with extraordinary impact at scale.