Why SAP workloads should be moved to AWS?

Are you planning to shift to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud? If so, you’re not alone: reports suggest the cloud migration service market is expected to grow from USD 3.2 billion to USD 9.5 billion by 2022. According to McKinsey, the estimated value of business improvements offered by cloud adoption across industries range between $700 million and $1.2 billion in annual profits by 2030.

The AWS-based SAP deployments are gaining huge momentum among SAP users that are rapidly looking to gain more agility and efficiency. Organizations across industries are migrating their business-critical SAP applications and SAP workloads to the AWS cloud as a part of their digital transformation strategy to deal with compatibility issues, performance disruption, and long cutover windows. For many companies, migrating virtualized, on-premises (or private cloud) SAP workloads and SAP environments on the AWS services is the most strategic decision, particularly for those who want to scale their SAP environments that are running on rigid, inflexible, and costly data centers.

The list of technological, cost, and performance advantages of moving SAP solutions to AWS is honestly quite broad. However, the most promising benefits include high performance, greater availability, business continuity, minimal resource wastage, increased speed of development, enhanced security, reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), better efficiency, greater transparency of data in real-time, the power of innovation, higher scalability and flexibility, ability to make quicker decisions, accelerated Time-to-Market (TTM) and enhanced operational processes.

What’s more? By moving their mission-critical SAP applications and SAP workloads on multifaceted AWS, organizations can overcome many significant challenges and risks including

  • The real-time operational constraints and overhead of rigid legacy infrastructure 
  • The threat of technical debt as a byproduct of obsolete versions of unsupported server operating systems and applications.
  • Higher risk of a security breach, service interruptions, governance problems, compliance violations, outage, and availability problems 
  • Poor operational efficiency because of high interdependencies of older versions with newer applications, SAP workloads, processes, and platforms running within the legacy SAP environments.
  • Security threats along with potentially dire implications due to the absence of the right security patches

That's why shifting SAP solutions and critical workloads to the AWS cloud makes sense to many forward-thinking enterprises. Such deployments in SAP landscapes enable SAP customers to become more agile toward the future uncertainties while preparing them to respond to different business challenges without generating many expenses on infrastructure and operation fronts. 

SAP Solutions on AWS Services: The innovation advantages 

AWS Cloud has immense potential for SAP customers because of the list of many stated features, including subscription pricing, pay-per-usage, ability to scale up or down depending upon the usage, high resiliency, rapid provisioning, self-service, lower IT costs, and more. The SAP transformation using AWS is all about flourishing a business in this fast-paced digital environment by "Lift-and-Shift" existing SAP systems on highly secured AWS cloud infrastructure and enabling the business agility demanded by digital transformation. 

This way an organization can overcome the operational inertia and achieve scalability quickly as there is no need to make considerable investments to buy, test, provision, and maintain its own hardware and software. Furthermore, migrating legacy SAP systems to a cloud-native architecture powered by AWS unlocks an opportunity to modernize business processes whenever required to stay competitive. Enterprises can stay relevant and innovate by leveraging 200+ AWS service offerings including IoT, data lakes, AI/ML, image recognition, chatbots, and many more.

AWS plays a crucial role in reducing SAP's total cost of ownership by the quick elimination of overprovisioning, hardware refresh costs, and consolidation of systems/data. In addition, an organization is able to improve SAP system reliability through a reliable AWS global cloud infrastructure consisting of 25 Regions, 80 Availability Zones, and 2X more regions with multiple Availability Zones.

The migration of SAP applications to AWS services with Kellton will immediately give the customer access to 

  • High performance, scalable and reliable SAP infrastructure with no administrative efforts
  • Integrate with other business applications on-premise or hybrid cloud
  • Extend the SAP applications with native AWS solutions to enhance business outcomes

Another most prominent reason why organizations use AWS for SAP environments migration is the low-latency fiber connections between geographically distributed data centers, which enables multisite high availability while minimizing the number of licensed SQL nodes. Counting on the benefits, a growing number of companies across a range of industries have successfully embraced cloud solutions in the pursuit of broader productivity benefits. 



Drive Maximum Success with Kellton 

The rapid advancements in technology have given rise to many technological innovations and SAP is one of the most prominent breakthroughs. The ERP system of SAP is an advanced and intelligent suite of solutions that harness the power of built-in intelligent technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced analytics to innovate businesses. It is instrumental in transforming an organization’s legacy systems into a truly intelligent digital business model powered by fully automated processes, instant intelligence, and actionable insights.   
Leveraging the AWS cloud to execute an SAP strategy reliably and running critical SAP workloads securely at a minimal risk demands the highest professional competency in the end-to-end SAP Migration process. Harness the power of SAP solutions on future-ready AWS cloud with Kellton  the certified SAP consultant. We bring along 10+ years of in-depth expertise in SAP Cloud Solutions, SAP implementation, operation, SAP application management, SAP data support, end-to-end SAP consulting, SAP migrations, SAP system landscape optimization, and complex ERP transformations at a large scale. 

We are the full-service SAP solutions partner who has met the rigorous standards for Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) status. At Kellton, we bring you seamless support for end-to-end SAP services from a highly experienced team skilled in the latest SAP solutions and technologies including S/4HANA, Fiori, Netweaver products, and many more. Engaging with Kellton will give you access to AWS and SAP’s latest capabilities and best practices, which often result in streamlined processes, increased accuracy, improved transparency, consumer-grade UX and personalized insights, better operational efficiency, and reduction in total ownership costs while driving your digital transformation at a full swing. 

Kellton brings specialized tools to enable smooth and quicker migrations to AWS , and also enhanced operations to reduce maintenance and administrative costs. So what are you waiting for? Unlock the future-ready cloud-enabled digital transformation for your enterprise, accelerate innovation to stay relevant, and gain a competitive advantage in today’s ever-evolving business era with Kellton .

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