Infrastructure Managed Services

Is your existing IT infrastructure responsive to unpredictable future business demands? In today’s digital and cloud-based business environment, aligning the right tech architecture with business goals is crucial to fuel digital transformation.

We at Kellton offer end-to-end digital infrastructure managed services to solve complexities related to your siloed operations, overburdened IT departments, and poor customer experiences that hinder the performance of your entire IT. Be it on-premises, cloud, data center, or multisite IT, our process-driven approach enables you to standardize, virtualize, integrate, optimize, and transform the legacy mission-critical infrastructure for today and tomorrow. Leveraging our multi-shore infrastructure management and support capabilities, Kellton helps enterprises of many sizes and across industries keep pace with the evolving technology paradigms in their day-to-day business operations.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

Having followed it for over 31 years, changing  the 150-year-old education architecture is the least our client would
have wanted. But necessity compelled them to adopt a digital roadmap to learning. So when our client looked towards
leaning on the digital disruption -aiming to help students reach their academic attainment-we helped the client rethink the students’ learning pathways.

Leading core business overhaul is intimidating, more so when 95 percent of the operations are reliant on a single mission-critical system. Our client was at this crossroads. So, when they decided to replace their core legacy system with a new, high-performance system and support transformation scale, we knew that we would have to pull out all the stops to help the company realize its vision of scalability and agility.

There are approximately 660,755 restaurants and 66,602 bars, taverns, and nightclubs in the US. And a large chunk of them, which still manages back-of-house tasks conventionally, was mulling to embrace the digital way to achieve operational excellence. So, when Accucode asked to embed technology-led innovation and digital capabilities that aligned with the restaurant functions, we knew this particular solution was going to have a lot of unique tastes.




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