IBM Solutions and Services

We leverage IBM’s cutting-edge technology to address your growth needs.

IBM is one of the world’s leading IT companies with a strong vision, market leadership, and excellence in customer and partner support. They also provide a comprehensive portfolio of products across various segments, including Business Process and Management, Business Process Rules Automation, Application Integration, Collaboration, Messaging, Security, API Economy, Mobility, ITSM, and EAI. At Kellton, we are proud to be a Premier Business Partner of IBM, helping businesses drive new approaches with best-in-breed technology products and solutions for their digital transformation needs.

We can provide businesses like yours with unique internal access to IBM specialists, resources, labs, and product development teams. We take the pressure off you by navigating your product issues directly with technical support from IBM, quickly, confidently, and cost-effectively. You can call on our digital transformation expertise to help guide your IT-based decisions so that together we can adapt them to meet your needs and your budget for the best ROI.

Our IBM Solutions:

  • BPM & Automation
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Experience
  • IBM Cloud & Devops
  • IBM IOT & ASSET Management
  • IBM Software
  • Industry Solutions / Commerce
  • SOA Integration
  • Training & Education

How can we help?

If you are looking for thought leadership or subject matter expertise in SOA, BPM, APIs, and Hybrid Cloud Architecture, look no further. Our team of over 350 consultants makes us one of the strongest IBM partners for impactful analysis, implementation, and support. Whatever your goals are, we can work together to create high-value solutions and help your business foster innovation, profitability, and growth.

Our core expertise, 15+ years of experience in digital transformation, and our ability to deliver cutting-edge technologies have made us a proud Premier Business Partner of IBM. We share their innovative DNA and understand their ways of working, which has allowed us to build a well-diversified portfolio of IBM services and capabilities and deliver solutions that drive tangible outcomes. We are ideally positioned to handle your enterprise initiatives. We are committed to providing you with IBM solutions that allow you to do business faster, better, and more straightforwardly than before.


  • We are a Premier IBM Business Partner.
  • With us, you can gain unique internal access to IBM specialists, resources, labs and development teams.
  • We navigate your product issues directly with IBM so you don’t have to.
  • We have a diversified, global portfolio of IBM services and capabilities.
  • You can call on our 15+ years of experience in digital transformation.
  • We can help you guide your IT-based decisions.
  • You can trust our team of 350 highly-qualified consultants.
  • You will get high value solutions, designed to foster innovation, profitability and growth.

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