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Traditional IT apps and systems are increasingly becoming costlier and more time-consuming to manage and scale. Most forward-looking enterprises are transforming their applications portfolio using the best cloud consulting companies to slash the rising costs and inefficiencies associated with the legacy IT application landscape.

Several cloud management companies offer end-to-end services for the smooth transition of your business into a scalable and profitable entity.

At Kellton, we help our clients build or re-engineer their application portfolio and shift to the cloud in a highly cost-effective and coordinated manner by leveraging our deep domain expertise, cloud accelerators, and frameworks. From building a high-level strategy to choosing the right cloud fit - private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud, we help our clients drive their ‘cloud-first’ transformation with our comprehensive portfolio of cloud management solutions and services. When looking to choose from a multitude of cloud management companies, you need to select the one that works best according to your specific needs, and Kellton offers just that! Absolutely customizable services that understand the pulse of your business to provide the best solutions, each time.

Leading the Transformation

  • Case Studies

Bringing speed and scale to the business is of cardinal importance to respond swiftly to volatile market scenarios. So, when our client wanted to elevate their on-premise workloads to a smart, scalable, and value-driven cloud architecture underpinned by AWS, we relished the challenge to deliver.

It isn’t uncommon for restaurants to partner with third-party food delivery aggregators to take their products to a wider 
audience. This ease, however, translates into low brand resonance and poor profit margins. So, when our client wanted 
to minimize dependency on these aggregators to inspire a better, more personalized ordering experience whilst bringing 
in better traction, we helped shape a digitization vision and strategy to enable the real impact.

Ease of content management helps enterprises harness the real value of their information and inspire growth strategically. So, when our client wanted to replace existing processes with a smart, cloud-native video content management system (CMS) that could manage, deliver, and monetize online streaming services automatically, we built and deployed a fit-to-purpose solution on a global scale.

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