Assessing business’ core capabilities and mapping their growth with those of their peers is extremely crucial to understand the extent to which it complies with the competitive trends. Regular scanning helps in detecting the strengths and weaknesses while operating in the global markets and making the necessary adjustments thereof.

While every industry has a dedicated benchmarking index to make self-assessments and chart out a future growth journey, the E-commerce industry is devoid of any such practice. Since no best practice was available, it was difficult for the online retailer to look into their current E-commerce growth and analyze the future potential to reach the level of full-scale development. It’s only after the advent of E-commerce Marketing Maturity Model that things changed for the good.

E-commerce Marketing Maturity Model is all about growth - real and incremental.

It lets online retailers track their current market position, recognize the functional gaps and potential, and create a plan to navigate their businesses to best practices, service touchpoints, and technical spotlights. It helps online retailers recognize the way forward instead of stagnating and dying.

The four stages of achieving complete E-commerce maturity are:


  • The Greenhorns - The *Early Entrants* with a little understanding of how E-commerceis done.
  • The Apprentices - The *Aspirants* learning the ropes to establish a full-service E-commerce business.
  • The Practitioners - The *Dynamic Unicorns*, providing a competitive E-commerce experience.
  • The Role Models - The *Lodestars* of E-commerce growth, the industry Behemoths       


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