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In a busy digital landscape, it’s more important (yet more difficult) than ever to stand out from the crowd. A great front end web development company is one part of the puzzle. When you hire front end developers, you benefit from dynamic, visually appealing, and intuitive user experiences that attract new users to your digital platforms, increase retention of existing users, and make transactions significantly smoother.

As a front end development company, Kellton is one of the most established in the industry. From household name enterprises to early-stage startups, we’ve been crafting usable and attractive interfaces for over a decade. If you’re looking to improve customer engagement with your digital platforms, increase your online growth, or iron out pain points in your app, our team of experts is well-placed to help.

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Front-End developers in-house

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Front-End projects developed

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Years of experience in Front-End

UI/UX Design and Development

Our designers and developers work hand-in-hand to craft intuitive, dynamic user experiences that integrate functionality and aesthetics. We take your project from basic wireframes to working prototypes before incorporating feedback into the build phase.

HTML5/CSS Development

As a front end web development company, we offer HTML5/CSS development for visually appealing websites that are cross-browser compatible.

AngularJS Development Services

Our expertise in AngularJS development services allows us to create intuitive, growth-driven applications compliant with JS markups, whilst being adaptable to changing markets.


As a front end web development company, we use PreactJS to create high quality, lightweight and easy-to-embed solutions for our clients. These offer a frictionless user experience with a lightning-fast return on investment.


We include ReactJS in our front end development services for high-performance, portable solutions. Building with ReactJS offers memorable user experiences that pave the way to higher customer engagement and conversion rates.


VueJS allows our front end developers to build fast, interactive business apps quickly. VueJS’ flexible and easy-to-use features ensure we can build and implement your customized solution as quickly as possible, so that you start seeing a return on your investment sooner.

Why Choose Kellton for Front-End Development Services?

The right front end development partner can transform your digital platforms into major revenue-generating assets for your business. Hire front end developers with proven experience and a passion for keeping ahead of the industry’s latest developments to generate a significant ROI on your project.

Kellton’s front end development team fuses a passion for innovation, hands-on experience across diverse industries and organizations, and a thorough, transparent approach centered around customer success. When you choose Kellton as your front end development company, you benefit from the real-world knowledge needed to make your project a success today and the skills to ensure your platform remains a long-term asset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our world-class front-end solutions help your business stay agile, efficient, and poised to take on the new growth opportunities.

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