A scalable and straightforward way to unlock your data’s potential

Implementing the right data science solutions can have a transformative effect on your business. As well as facilitating the capture, storage, and analysis of data – which unlocks vast swathes of insight hidden in organizational silos – improving your data processes dramatically expands your ability to forecast trends and react preemptively to future events.

There are plenty of data science as a service companies that offer these services, but at Kellton, we believe our data science consulting services offer something truly special. With an approach combining hard-won expertise, a thirst for innovation, and flexibility and scalability, our Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) approach allows you to benefit from these insights quickly without the complexity of an in-house team.

Hard-won, market-leading expertise sets us apart from other data science consulting companies. Our global team uses real world experience with machine learning, data personalization, predictive analytics, and other cutting-edge data science services to ensure your data works as hard as possible for your business – both now and in the future.

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DSaaS developers in-house

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DSaaS projects developed

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Years of experience in DSaaS

Data Wrangling

Collecting, cleaning, and transforming raw data into structured and usable formats is central to our data science services. By ensuring consistency, eliminating duplicates, and handling missing values we ensure that your data offers the most accurate results possible when analyzed.

Data Modelling

Our skilled team of professionals uses innovative machine learning and statistical techniques to build data models that identify trends, insights, and predictions impossible to spot with human analysis. This information transforms decision-making processes in your organization.


Our Machine learning operations (MLOps) services ensure that your data models are properly integrated into your operational environment. This includes model deployment, performance monitoring, retraining, and version control.

What Makes Kellton A Reliable Data Science As A Service (DSaaS) Platform?

Among data science as a service companies, our DSaaS platform is unique. Tailored to your requirements, our platform offers the tools to decipher complex data patterns for an enhanced CX, major efficiency gains, and overall revenue growth.

Our data science platform as a service offers an intuitive user interface, allowing you to harness the benefits of AI and ML-based data processes without the complexities usually associated with these technologies. From growth-driving predictive analytics to features to protect the integrity and security of your data, Kellton's DSaaS platform covers a wide spectrum of data-driven needs.

Kellton’s DSaaS is designed to scale with you as you grow and the volume and complexity of your business data expands. Backed by expertise and driven by a passion for client success, we are a data science consulting company that will revolutionize how you use data.

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