Deliver tangible value from every single piece of data you hold

Data is the lifeblood of a modern enterprise. Kellton, as a leading data lake development company, provides essential building blocks to help customers implement a secure, scalable, and cost-effective data lake. Armed with intensive practices and proven methodologies, we aid in aggregating, organizing, and analyzing data in a centralized repository and creating continuous value streams for frictionless, future-focused outcomes.

Our data lake solutions facilitate the storage of all kinds of schema and metadata definitions. By banding data governance and data log capabilities together, we help break metadata into digestible information chunks, improving its usability and value in the long term.

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Data Lake developers in-house

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Data Lake projects delivered

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Years of experience in Data Lake

Data Lake Strategy & Consulting

Our consultants understand your end objectives, visualize how a data lake will interact with your existing IT, and deliver a blueprint that explains our ingestion, curation, and governance practices in detail.

Data Lake Development

We build data lakes by mobilizing the right and flexible blend of talent and technology. Our solutions help you organize a multitude of data types, enabling you to drive smarter, better decisions and pivot your business to success.

Data Lake Migration

Our data lake consulting services transition data to your new enterprise data lake environment, optimizing performance whilst minimizing disruption and maintaining data integrity.

Data Lake Maintenance and Support

We relentlessly fine-tune the performance and fix issues in your data lake architecture for sustainable value. We keep the data lake setup up and running through our data lake solutions support and ensure the performance stays within predefined thresholds.

Data Lake Optimization and Monitoring

We go beyond the aspects of building and deploying to optimize the operational performance of a data lake, ensure it meets service-level agreements, and deliver anticipated results, even in the climate of business change, while saving costs.

Why Choose Kellton for Data Lake Services?

Kellton, as a leading provider of data lake services, implements secure, streamlined, and serviceable data streams within their enterprises. We help customers strengthen their core business intelligence with our end-to-end data lake consulting services and data lake development services.

Our data lake development solutions are rooted in agile. We focus on helping CTOs capture every form of data, transform it into a key strategic asset, and unlock powerful insights with one overarching aim: more rapid, reactive decision-making.

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