Lack of a centralized information system which bungled the restaurant business operations, hampering growth and profitability. 


Developed an innovative technology platform, providing real-time and centralized information system to restaurants in order to support and ensure seamless operations.


Real-time reporting; effective decision-making; task prioritization; predictive analysis; accurate assessment; flawless communication.

Key Challenges

  1. Effective operations are crucial for running a restaurant. However, the client was struggling with unorganized workflow which forced the management to live in the weeds. They had a fragmented business environment and confounding tasks and functions while handling the restaurant business operations.
  2. Existing systems did not give clear and real-time visibility, connectivity, accessibility, and control of processes, tasks, and functions, bungling the overall business performance.
  3. Legacy inventory management system performed limited functions and did not support customizations as per the new and perpetually changing process requirements.

Accucode is a leading technology solution provider with a three-year growth rate of 152% in 2017. For over 23 years, they have been catering to diverse industry segments such as retail, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, with & education, and government.

Our Solutions

We collaborated with Accucode to build a centralized technology platform that streamlined the business information flow, boosted decision-making ability, and supported real-time communication, visibility, and remote accessibility for seamless restaurant business operations.

Together we developed an innovative technology roadmap that acted as a real-time convergence platform for stakeholders including restaurants, supply networks, and fulfillment centers. The new technology platform essentially helped in reducing the turnaround time and speeding up processes, leading to a consistent business growth.

The robust information technology foundation, which supplanted the customer’s existing inventory management system, consisted of a robust governance model that kept restaurant business operations on the rails. It helped the restaurants prioritize tasks and ensured that the assessment and analysis was done with precision, establishing an intelligent business framework.

Business Benefits

  • Streamlined processes and ensured consistent throughput
  • Strengthened decision-making ability and mitigated risks
  • Facilitated flawless communication across channels and boosted transparency
  • Enabled remote accessibility for end-to-end monitoring and faster remediation of business issues
  • Reduced techical debt

Project Outcomes

50% Reduction in labor costs

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