SAP Fiori

Redefining enterprise user experience with SAP Fiori 3

The UX design has multifaceted aspects, often overlooked until, of course, something goes wrong. However, enterprises across the globe are fast understanding the value of UX and giving it due attention while designing a website or mobile application. As businesses risk losing trillions of dollars in revenue due to poor user experience (UX), Gartner predicts that 89% of organizations will primarily compete on user experience.

SAP Fiori user experience platform comes with the promise of delivering unmatched end-user satisfaction. Every SAP customer gets full access to SAP Fiori implementation with SAP Enterprise or Standard Maintenance. Incorporating new visual design and appearance, SAP Fiori 3 has redefined the way enterprises function by making work more delightful and suited for the next-generation workforce. 

How does SAP Fiori implementation follow a modular design approach?

SAP Fiori apps enable developers to design, develop, and deliver a modern UX for any device or platform, providing a consistent and innovative experience for both creators and users. In addition, SAP Fiori helps provide a seamless user experience (UX) for SAP products such as S/4HANA implementation across platforms and devices. Moving away from the traditional monolithic structure, SAP Fiori follows a modular design approach, focusing on tasks and workflows. 

With the introduction of UI5 1.65, SAP made new design elements available in SAP Fiori 3. Taking SAP Fiori 2.0 as a starting point, SAP Fiori 3 has evolved the design for all SAP products to support the Intelligent Suite fully, running on any device. In addition, the homepage design has been revised in Fiori 3, along with a modern look and feel of the new SAP Quartz Light theme. Thus, UI5 is the technology enabler for enterprise-ready SAP Fiori apps. 

SAP has made every effort to provide out-of-the-box tools to empower customers and partners on SAP Fiori 3 design system to turn innovative ideas into great apps quickly aligned with the market demands. In addition, SAP Fiori 3 provides UI resources from SAP’s award-winning UX for developing excellent enterprise software. SAP keeps evolving Fiori 3 to ensure the users keep getting industry-best UX. 

The enterprise-grade UX design solutions offered by SAP Fiori 3 are robust and scalable, implemented in several reference technologies. In enterprise software, the design involves the software, how the business operates, and how people work. As a result, organizations can create customized apps to scale with consistent front-end design while saving costs by leveraging SAP Fiori elements. 

SAP Fiori helps enterprises achieve consistency with design guidelines. SAP Fiori not only provides singular applications and tools but an integrated suite of intelligent solutions, ensuring a coherent experience for users across products, processes, and technologies. SAP implementation partners help businesses move existing products to SAP Fiori to provide users with an end-to-end experience. SAP Fiori is standard with SAP S/4HANA, SAP Customer Experience, SAP Integrated Business Planning, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. SAP plans to include Fiori in other SAP products of the future. 

SAP Fiori supports various technology platforms, including native mobile, web, and conversational UX, each referred to as SAP Fiori design languages. The design approach is standardized across each platform with a detailed look and feel, the controls and functions such as navigation and floorplans/pages. In addition, key reference technologies such as SAPUI5 for browser-based apps and SAP Cloud Platform SDK for native Android and iOS apps already come implemented with SAP Fiori design languages.

Key Features of SAP Fiori 3

  • Redesigned shell bar to support navigational and functional requirements across all SAP products
  • New SAP Quartz Light theme
  • Redesigned homepages for greater flexibility in terms of the level of detail
  • Established rules to bring consistency across all SAP products
  • Focusing on a human-centric approach by integrating machine intelligence
  • Adoption of a broader range of technologies

SAP Fiori Benefits Over SAP GUI

SAP Fiori was introduced in 2013 to replace SAP’s venerable SAP GUI. SAP Fiori offers the users a more intuitive and efficient work experience delivered through a modern, visual UX far cry from the linear, menu-driven SAP GUI. Built for the modern-day mobile user, Fiori provides advanced mobile capabilities. The users can access SAP applications from anywhere across a range of devices. Furthermore, while SAP GUI is primarily menu-driven, requiring a series of clicks from the users, Fiori is touch-driven, enabling faster task execution. Fiori enables a more connected universe by leveraging RESTful APIs and is on track to replace SAP GUI completely, especially when enterprises migrate from older SAP products to SAP S/4HANA. 

Why Use SAP Fiori 3 with SAP S/4HANA?

SAP announced the third iteration of SAP Fiori in 2018 to continue Fiori’s proven success and ability to scale and integrate the latest trends in user experience. In addition, SAP Fiori 3 brought an entirely new user interface into the fold, differing from the existing transactional interfaces. The interfaces created with SAP Fiori are transparent and optimized for user roles and tailored to the users’ needs. In addition, the Fiori Launchpad provides the user with several additional options and access to applications based on business roles and permissions.

The Fiori Launchpad provides access to the powerful Corporate Search tool. The tool allows the users to search for resources such as documents, client, or applications throughout the system. The CoPilot Launchpad is another corporate tool that is a digital assistant to enable the users to communicate in natural language while searching, planning meetings, and establishing contacts. 
Overview Pages is a powerful analytics tool that combines various analytical data and presents it in cards form. The tool helps in risk assessment enabling an organization to take immediate action by accessing the dedicated application or establishing contact with the concerned human resource. SAP Fiori revolutionizes and improves upon previous solutions to deliver an unmatched user experience. SAP provides around 1700 Fiori applications for different functionalities. 

Why Choose Kellton for SAP Fiori Implementation?

An SAP Certified Gold Partner, Kellton features among top SAP implementation partners of choice for behemoths across industry verticals. We help bring your ideas to market by helping you capitalize on emerging trends and technologies. A premier SAP solutions provider, we leverage SAP Fiori to provide UX advisory and design services. We support you across the entire product lifecycle with a unique combination of industry, business, and SAP know-how.