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The traditional IT landscape restricts an enterprise’s ability to respond to dynamic market conditions and drive business growth effectively. At Kellton, we help our clients stay ahead of the competition with a comprehensive suite of new-age enterprise app development services and solutions. We deliver future-ready applications across mobile, web, desktop, and cloud by leveraging our technical prowess, solution accelerators, consulting capabilities, and deep domain knowledge.

Our client portfolio comprises emerging and established businesses across manufacturing, media and entertainment, travel and logistics, banking and financial services, insurance, energy, and telecom. Using our unique methodologies that comprise cloud, agile principles, and DevOps best practices, we help our clients maximize ROIs on their application development projects while mitigating risks and enhancing benefits.

Leading the Transformation

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Retail enterprises are frantically shifting to online in order to create a compelling value proposition. However, the transition is overwhelmingly tough when it involves moving a million+ distributors and customers to a consolidated online ecosystem. So, when our client wanted to quickly adapt to digital channels and gain ground in the burgeoning online retail space, we rose to the challenge and helped them create a truly digital culture throughout the business.

With over $73 billion of the sum assured, 221 offices, and 2.06 times of the mandatory 150% solvency ratio, our client is an insurance behemoth in India. Aiming to bang on the competition, the client sought a roadmap with actionable initiatives and a change enablement plan to help achieve a future state with an improved agent onboarding experience. We knew that this particular solution will help tighten the ratchet.

The continuously increasing smartphone and internet penetration makes customers tech-savvy and markets volatile. So, when our client asked for an innovative and practical mobility roadmap that could power their business objectives, bolster performance, support agility, and offer an enriched omnichannel customer experience, we knew this robust mobility solution was going to create new growth opportunities.


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