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Delivering More Value With Workato Integration and Automation

Workato is an enterprise cloud automation and integration platform that goes beyond the traditional iPaaS and elevates the automation experience to deliver more strategic value for your business. Workato covers all core automation use cases across iPaaS, workflows, high-volume data integrations, AI/ML, and bots as a comprehensive enterprise platform. The platform is inclusive of over 40,000 community-built automation integrators for reuse and sharing.

Kellton is an industry leader in delivering Workato iPaaS integration services. We have more than 15 years of experience in defining cloud and on-premise integration strategies, architecting integrations, and conducting capability assessments, with a deep focus on facilitating scalable value.

We have hands-on expertise in driving large-scale, value-driven enterprise transformation using the Workato Integration platform. We leverage the power of Workato and combine it with our industry capabilities and innovation to help you achieve a synchronized IT landscape that fuels agility, scalability, and transparency. Our core expertise puts you in a unique position where you are empowered to get the most value from data and underpin everything you do with security and insight.

Backed by a handpicked team of Workato experts, we build customized integrations to drive your business towards achieving intelligence and resilience. Our focus on applying lean principles and proven methodologies inspires disruptive outcomes and helps you enable performance improvements, accelerating business change.


We adopt best integration practices and embed intelligence into the fabric of your organization.

Our Offerings

Workato iPaaS Integration Services
Workato iPaaS Integration

From design, management, modernization to management, we cover all stages of the Workato iPaaS integration lifecycle. We streamline your IT by bringing systems, applications, and processes together and applying automation principles.

Workato API Management Services
Workato API Management

Our Workato API Management Services enable you to build, maintain, and consume APIs in the cloud. Our robust approach lets you control access to endpoints, continually monitor digital resources, build with speed, and collaborate at scale.

Workato ETL/ELT Services
Workato ETL/ELT

We apply world-class techniques to extract, transform, and load data for analytics. Our full-scale ETL/ELT services help you support all kinds of data transactions by integrating at any given source, be it cloud, on-premises, databases, ERPs, and APIs.

Workato Workflow Automation Services
Workato Workflow Automation

We empower you with advanced automated processes underpinned by Workato. These processes work in conjunction with secure and verified human interactions and help you achieve a scalable infrastructure that runs at lightning speed.

Workato Conversational Bots
Workato Conversational Bots

We are proficient in building interactive, intelligent bots that make contextual interactions possible, allow you to manage workflows right from the chat, deliver easy and personalized service, and catapult business efficiency to differentiation.

Workato Consulting

Our Workato experts answer your most strategic questions and define why Workato Integration holds value for your business. We suggest optimal adoption roadmaps while addressing key challenges and opportunities, impacting the C-suite.

Workato: A Modern Leader in Automation

Powerful Pre-Built Connectors

600+ connectors for databases, ERPs, on-prem & cloud apps among more

Read-to-Use Community Recipes

225,000+ community recipes to map workflows

Digital Native Architecture (DNA)

Create integration recipes & automate tasks spontaneously


Machine Learning algorithm to assist with integration & automation

Smart Versioning

Collaborate & work on the same recipes without losing or damaging other updates

Bot Customization

Customize bot recipes & keep them in their related function name

The Kellton Advantage

  • We offer all combinations of integration between SaaS, Cloud, and On-Premise integration solutions.
  • We are empowered by a highly experienced and certified team of developers, architects, and solution engineers skilled in Workato.
  • We ensure faster implementations, seamless rollouts, and de-risked upgrades.
  • Our engagement models—Project-Based, Fixed Cost, and Time and Material—ensure maximized collaboration benefits in terms of cost, capacity, and speed.
  • We are backed by a dedicated Center of Excellence with forward-looking capabilities to spark integration innovation at pace.




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