The introduction of technology and digital solutions in the manufacturing industry is picking up. Manufacturing companies are smartening up their shop floor workflows by replacing their obsolete methods to raise the bar of operational efficiency. However, despite new introductions, the continuance of paper-based processes and physical documents for data entry, decision approvals, and performance record is plaguing the entire value chain and leading to a decline in productivity. One of the main reasons why companies are crippling while embracing the paperless culture is the lack of budget. Manufacturers are willing to chase the guiding light to digital transformation, but failing due to limited scalability of the budget. This is where mobile and wearable technology makes all the difference one needs. Since mobile solutions are cost-effective, easy to learn, portable, and ubiquitous, they offer a unique opportunity to manufacturers in building an intricately connected and well-controlled floor environment where no information is lost because of red tape and poor data management. Following are the reasons why the adoption of mobile technology can help manufacturing industry streamline their floor environments.

  • Enables easy saving and sharing of crucial information in real-time
  • Accelerates decision-making processes and prevents operational delays
  • Stimulates employees to think better and breed a culture of innovation
  • Improves business-to-customer interactions

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Paperless Factory: How Mobility Adds Value to Shop Floor Transition?

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