Cyberattacks are evolving to become more powerful and prevalent, and continue to disrupt the business ecosystem severely. Walled into a no-win situation, enterprises have understood that they need a leading-edge solution—a sledgehammer over a velvet glove—to throttle the cybercrime and sustain.

Out of all, the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has shown great promise in terms of empowering the under-resourced security analysts and helping them take a proactive approach to threat monitoring. Curating intelligence from data, AI can deliver insights as early warning signs to help businesses forestall attacks, drastically reduce response times, and stay resilient.

This whitepaper explores:

  • The current state of cybersecurity and how online attacks are growing in technique and complexity.
  • The potential of AI in curbing cyber threats and transforming the status-quo.
  • The lurking dangers and use cases that explain how AI is empowering the attacking side as well.

White Paper

Artificial Intelligence and the Shifting Sands of Cybersecurity

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