Digital Transformation is nothing short of moving-a-mountain exercise. It’s difficult, since it entails a fundamental shift in the way an enterprise works and can send it to a state of tatters if wrongly approached. However, what seems to be really working in catalyzing transformative journeys of enterprises is the Internet of Things or IoT. It’s the ‘Eureka’—the fast-moving digital landscape ever needed.

Digital Transformation using IoT is a multifaceted story. 

One of the critical aspects that IoT aims to streamline is data communication. The physical devices in a facility release a torrent of data using which organizations can uncover relevant insights to gauge current and future capabilities. These analytical insights help enterprise assess, define, and implement roadmaps for inclusive growth while planning to combat future challenges simultaneously. As a result, several benefits, like setting up of hybrid infrastructure for real-time data delivery, optimum utilization of resources, efficient workflows, and faster decision-making are achieved, which in a combined effect, accelerates Digital Transformation. Other IoT-driven technologies, like 5G and Edge Community, also support the transition.

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Accelerating Digital Transformation with the Internet of Things

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