Amit Yadav

Vice President & Head - Global Delivery

Amit is responsible for Kellton’s global services delivery, across industry verticals and geographies, ensuring client satisfaction and growth. He brings over 18+ years of deep domain expertise in managing P&L, incubating new Centre of Excellence, pre and front-end sales, talent, and change management.

Amit proactively involves himself in designing the research & training programs at Kellton, with the idea of keeping the internal cross-functional teams agile and tech-savvy. He has been responsible for developing and delivering complex, enterprise-class software applications for numerous companies.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow, India. He has served several key leadership positions with well-known industry brands such as Infosys, and Dark Horse IT Consulting Pvt Ltd before joining Kellton in 2015.

Amit resides in Gurgaon, India with his wife and two lovely daughters. He enjoys sports and actively follows football events all year. He loves exploring new places and listening to his old playlists in his leisure moments.

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