"With Kellton, we found an opportunity to have a basic system for the Nintendo Switch version of our puzzle game, AIRPORT HERO. Naturally, our objective had to be backed by expertise and knowledge in developing with Unity. We brought Kellton on-board for their capabilities in doing just that. I must emphasize the benefit they brought as we were struggling to find the necessary resources to make our game. They helped us achieve the leap that we needed to start polishing things for the many end-users out there. We are pleased with Kellton cost-performance offer regarding the development of the game—from designing, asset implementation, testing, functionality enhancement—using agile and strategic approaches. Kellton has proven that they can rise to the challenge and provide satisfying output. For this, we would like to show our appreciation and consideration for a potential future partnership with Kellton in gaming developments."

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Kiyoshi Ohkawa
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Chief and Executive Officer, Sonic Powered Co.Ltd.
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