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Today’s relevance around Progressive Web Application Development is largely fueled by the limitations that developers face while designing applications for mobile. Mobile websites are fast and intuitive but are usually flaky and prone to breaking down when it comes to delivering enhanced user experience. Native apps, on the other hand, provide the most dynamic user experience, but lack compatibility with multiple devices. Pulling the plug on these shortcomings is the latest mobile solution, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs blend the best of the mobile and native app world to deliver extremely fast, reliable, and engaging applications. 

PWAs, in essence, are websites built using today’s advanced browser technologies and act and feel like mobile apps. They don’t require a download and work as to how a quintessential website works—providing full-scale, truly immersive experience right in the web browser. PWAs also provide rich offline experiences. As these apps use service workers, they load instantly even in the areas of low connectivity. The pre-caching feature keeps these apps updated at all times. As a result of this unrivaled level of quality, Progressive Web Apps usually earn a place on the home screen of your user’s mobile phone.

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Kellton is a reputed progressive web application development company, delivering fast, reliable, and lightweight PWAs that adapt to multiple devices and screen sizes. Not only are they light and quick to load, but they also work without internet connections. What’s more, we can ensure better performance, increased conversion, and improved customer journeys and experiences. 

Our highly committed team of experts is at the forefront of developing mobile-first solutions that deliver the finest user experience. Over the years, we have built powerful intellectual property using a repository of cutting-edge tools. We can help you unlock the power of PWAs and reap maximum advantage in terms of engagement, conversions, and ROI. 

We use flexible engagement and pricing models to deliver superior quality apps. Additionally, we provide technical support at every stage of your app development lifecycle and accelerate time to market. 

As one of the leading progressive web app development companies, we help clients in the following ways:

  • Our experienced PWA specialists have the technology and industry skills to deliver apps that engage better and retain users.
  • We have a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) to nurture innovation and provide new benchmarks of success and competence for the industry to follow. 
  • Our end-to-end progressive web application development services cover every stage of the development cycle and ensure the quality and speed of execution. 
  • We use proven methodologies to build PWAs with unprecedented performance levels. 

If you’re willing to step on the PWA wave and elevate your business to the pinnacle of success, talk to us now. 


  • Progressive Web App Design: We espouse the idea of app designs that promote usability, scalability, and maintainability. Our PWA solutions are intuitive, flexible, and lightweight to accommodate the changing needs of the end-users and drive maximum footfalls for the long term. We create mockups of the proposed application with an aim to showcase client that the actual application will be responsive to user interactions. The deepest level of enhancements is done at this stage to ensure high performing application.
  • Progressive Web Application Development: Our focus on building agile, reliable, and engaging PWAs help you target today’s tech-savvy customers with the right market disposition. We empower your business with future-ready app solutions that ensure immersive user experience and boost engagement to ramp up profits. We also integrate industry-leading features such as push notifications, data analysis, and easy distribution channels in web apps.
  • Progressive Plugin Development: We build and deploy a diverse range of plugins to lead your PWAs ahead on the technology curve. Our plugins are customized to suit the developing needs of your business and help you scale confidently while delivering enhanced user experiences.
  • Progressive App Shell Architecture: Our pool of professionals builds web apps of distinctive quality based on the app shell methodology. We adopt a coherent approach to identify the differentiators and integrate them astutely to unlock exceptional levels of performance and speed. We help you build PWAs that acquire extra resonance on the ground and deliver measurable business gains.

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