Lack of an ideal game version for Nintendo Switch; difficulties in acquiring and accessing Nintendo Switch development console kits


Built a dynamic simulation game based on Air Traffic Control using AAA-level VFX graphics for Nintendo Switch;Placed order from our US-based Nintendo accounts to procure development kits for our US office and ship them to India; participated in a flurry of negotiations to ensure deeper collaboration with Nintendo of America


Enabled better alignment with high-growth markets; ensured greater user traction

Key Challenges

  1. The market of Nintendo Switch has exploded in recent years, so much so that every gaming development company seeks expansion to it to reach the widest audience possible. Our client was quick to see the writing on the wall and sought to build a version of their popular ATC simulator game for the console. This objective, however, was a tall order to meet and required our client to create an optimal skills-cum resource strategy to thrive.
  2. Restrictions for indie developers due to Nintendo’s highly selective approach caused delays in acquiring Switch console development kits and stunted the initial pace of work.

Our client is a leading Japanese software development company and one of the prominent players in the 
gaming industry. Founded in 1998, the company has key interests in the development of mobile and console 
games, and software for business processes.

Our Solutions

To support our client’s quest for market growth, we embarked on a mission to build a high-quality version of their game for Nintendo Switch. Initially, we experienced hiccups that came with creating and accessing the Nintendo developer account. Since Nintendo gives limited access rights to indie developers, procuring the required Switch console development kits was a remarkable challenge. But, our strong relations with Nintendo, backed by our rich experience in developing games with Unity Engine, was an ace factor that helped us acquire the kits.

We designed and developed a cutting-edge Air Traffic Controller Operations-based simulation game for Nintendo Switch platform to accelerate our client’s growth curve and help them seize new opportunities. Our team scoured popular works of reference to identify the best practices and suitable game flow and design document—all while keeping a tight focus on innovation and maintaining a degree of foresight. Our experts worked as an extension to our client’s team, handling end-to-end game development activities, including Technical Design Document Preparation and Approvals, Texturing and Shading, Core Game Development, and Game Testing. Further, we leveraged state-of-the-art design thinking methodologies and AAA-level VFX graphics to render an immersive virtual environment to the game and set a new customer experience benchmark. Our development team also offered a provision to add multilingual capabilities to meet future growth objectives.

Business Benefits

  • Steered business towards smooth,successful market expansion
  • Enabled a blazing new path for customer-driven growth
  • Ensured long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty

“Kellton helped us achieve the leap that we needed to start polishing things for our end-users. We are pleased with the cost performance offered regarding the development of the game—from designing, asset implementation, testing, and functionality enhancements.” -

Kiyoshi Ohkawa- Chief Executive Officer
Sonic Powered Co.Ltd

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