No integrated platform to manage and monitor end-to-end healthcare service delivery; scalability constraints; lack of a cross-platform business solution


Developed and deployed an automated, fully integrated, and scalable digital ecosystem; built a cross-platform solution accessible across desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet


Streamlined healthcare service delivery; enabled personalized experiences; expanded outreach to patients; increased ROI

Key Challenges

  1. As customers insist on having quick online access to healthcare services, enterprises are increasingly focused on building the integrated, transparent healthcare of tomorrow. Although our client was aware of the need for personalized customer experiences, they lacked an automated, fully-integrated solution that could optimize the healthcare service lifecycle management.
  2. Our client’s healthcare services were facing scalability constraints. The existing business systems were sluggish and ineffective, inhibiting our client’s ability to grow with the market.
  3. Lack of omnichannel market reach was a big roadblock. our client did not have a single cross-platform channel that could target customers across multiple web and mobile platforms. This negatively impacted customer engagement and threatened business revenues.

Our client is a leading digital healthcare service provider with presence in over 600+ cities across 29 states. Established in 2014, the company is committed to providing wholesome health experiences with the optimal synergy of today’s disruptive technologies.

Our Solutions

We devised an effective and collaborative business/IT strategy to bring our client’s vision of a go-to integrated digital healthcare platform to life. We designed and deployed a digital healthcare ecosystem that ensured speed and efficiency in service delivery by connecting healthcare professionals, patients, and other users in one dynamic environment. This was instrumental in empowering patients to make their own online doctor’s appointments , book online diagnostic services, as well as enabling other healthcare members to manage medicines, wellness products, and other healthcare and emergency services.

Our client needed on-par business scalability to achieve superior levels of service personalization and accelerate customer support response times. Empowered by this cutting-edge scalable solution, our client was able to grow with the market.

We built a one-of-a-kind hybrid, cross-platform solution that enabled our client to provide more channels of customer interactions and drive omnichannel growth. With its enablement, our client was able to offer healthcare services to smartphone users at their fingertips and achieve more accessibility in the flourishing mobile markets. The move proved a strategic win as it helped our client boost brand differentiation to the next level.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled a two-fold increase in healthcare services outreach
  • Reduced service turnaround times significantly
  • Improved customer engagement through an omnichannel experience
  • Increased transparency and business control
  • Supported rapid innovation and growth


Project Outcomes

In just 3 months Made live the new integrated ecosystem

Half a million Registered user post transformation

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