Slow and inflexible event
planning processes; difficulty networking
with peers


Built and deployed a SaaS-based
platform to streamline and automate event
planning processes; integrated IoT
capabilities to boost event management;
applied AI and IoT for efficient and
personalized networking opportunities


Transformed event planning into
an agile, flexible, and personalized process;
helped end-users forge new business
partnerships; improved brand equity

Key Challenges

  1. In today’s increasingly experience-driven economy, traditional events are destined to fail. They suffer from limited audience reach, high running costs, and inconsistent outcomes, which eventually hurt the business reputation and weaken its market position. Our client was looking to solve a similar challenge. Existing event planning processes were legacy-driven, which made them overly complex and inflexible. Creating and delivering superior experiences was becoming exceedingly challenging. Our client sought to create a go-to solution to modernize workflows.
  2. Business networking was a random and ineffective process, making it difficult for professionals to connect during events and resulted in poor customer experience.

Our client is a leading UK-based event software company, which enables customers to build and publish their own branded native apps for events, exhibitions, conferences, venues, retailers, and membership organizations. The
company is growing aggressively and pioneering digital solutions to help marketers change the face of event planning.

Our Solutions

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of our client’s existing enterprise architecture and it’s readiness to fully support the firms business objectives. Combining innovation with skills and foresight, we created a SaaS-based platform that facilitated smooth event planning by offering its customers greater choice, flexibility, and intuitiveness. We integrated a range of functionalities to help them effectively manage end-to-end event planning processes, including, but not limited to, speaker management and profiling, tracking of registrations and ticketing, creating custom badges, and scheduling push notifications to keep attendees posted.

Personalization was the driving force behind every platform design feature. The newly designed platform empowers customers to tailor events to meet their specific business needs while resonating strongly with their target audiences. Attendees, on the other hand, benefit from quick and easy event registration processes and access to event information at the touch of a finger.

Our experts leveraged the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to help our clients transform their event planning landscape. We integrated our client’s diverse business systems to streamline data flow and capture and enable easy-to-access insights on a single dashboard. The clients used Card Beacon Gateways for attendee tracking, Automated Check-In and Proximity Alerts for configuring arrivals, and Heatmaps for measuring event attendance.

An Artificial Intelligence-based event solution was also integrated into the platform to drive networking. This solution provides matchmaking recommendations to the event attendees based on their personal attributes and enables them to exchange messages and even arrange meetings.

Business Benefits

  • Achieved first-mover advantage by pioneering an innovative, one-of-a-kind platform
  • Personalized event planning processes
  • Created new business partnerships and drove brand equity
  • Improved sales and ROI
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