How to Generate and Use SuccessFactors ODATA API XSD in SAP PI/PO?

SAP PI/PO provides SuccessFactors adapter (SFSF) that can be utilized to perform Create, Replace, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations using SF APIs. However, to use this adapter, we need the XSD (i.e. schema) and the SQL query for the data. Please follow the steps outlined in this blog to download the XSD’s and use them in SAP PI/PO.

  1. You would need to either use SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS) or Eclipse with Integration Designer. 

    Create a dummy iflow in configure a “SuccessFactors” communication channel. If you desire to perform the “Select” operation, you can configure the sender SuccessFactors Adapter. For Update or Delete, configure receiver the SuccessFactors adapter. In our case, we are doing Update, so the receiver SuccessFactors adapter is configured.

    SAP NetWeaver

  2. Go to the “Adapter Specific” tab and main Address and Suffix for SuccessFactors connection. This will vary depending on the SuccessFactors data center you are using. Click “Model Operation”.

  3. Start typing the SuccessFactors entity name and select the one that you want to use.

    Model Operation
  4. Select the proper Operation and check all the fields which you want to update. Make sure that you select the primary keys for the entity as well.

    Proper Operation
  5. Hit Finish and you will see the below message:

    Emp Entity
  6. The XSD will be stored under your package.


  7. Right-click on the XSD, open, and save it in some text editor.

    XSD Open

  8. Import the XSD and Enterprise Service Builder in SAP PI/PO and use in the message mapping.

    XSD and Enterprise Service
  9. Configure the required communication channel and specify the connection details.

    communication channel
  10. Specify Operation Type and Resource Path.

    Operation Type

Note that by following the steps mentioned in this blog, you can successfully configure SuccessFactors ODATA API connection from SAP PI/PO.