Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur

Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur: Where does the difference lie?

Having seen fresh and enthusiastic rush of aspiring entrepreneurs, the recent times have introduced the new breed of entrepreneurs, called intrapreneurs to the business world with intrapreneurs; that has already taken the lead in most large organizations. 

To define, an intrapreneur is an employee who holds the authority and financial support of an established organization to develop new products/offer services, etc. and is not liable to follow any company norms or protocols. Many organizations encourage its seasoned employees to generate interesting ideas. These ideas are then realized by investing funds to get the product/service deployed that eventually would help the organization stand at par in the industry. The concept of intrapreneurship is quite visible in developed countries like the US.

It is seen that an intrapreneur many a times faces a dilemma to either start on his own or continue serving his organization. The basic difference between entrepreneur and intrapreneur is that the latter asks reliability on your superior for final approval and the former gives you the charge to make decisions, take the lead and execute things. Comparing the pros and cons of the two approaches would be a viable move when stuck in your career.


Entrepreneurship is for anyone who holds the zeal and strength to chase his dreams or ideas. However, it is solely a personal decision if he wishes to play under a pre-built shed or create a roof of his own. Realise what category you fall in and storm the game.